July 12, 2018

Silk is the nature of light, soft, fine as one of the natural fiber, known as the "human second skin," the reputation of the industry known as the "Fiber queen." Its main components are pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure and human skin is the most similar, there are 87% identical, contains a variety of human body must amino acids, has windproof, dehumidification, soothe the nerves, nourish and balance the efficacy of human skin. Silk smooth, breathable, soft, hygroscopic, not itchy and anti-static features such as the production of personal clothing of the superior material, and silk as the quality of the silk is more intimate warmth, fluffy soft, breathable health care, such as the unique quality and advantages. Ancient dignitaries, well-connected quilt, with silk was. Therefore, the silk quilt is the most comfortable cover.

Silk by pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure and human skin is the most similar

About 97% of the composition of silk is a pure natural animal protein, close to the human skin, so there is a very good skin affinity.
Silk fiber set light, soft, fine, longer than one, by the industry known as the "Fiber Queen", so the silk quilt has "the second skin of the human body" reputation! Silk quilt--green health care product, spit the silk is pure and soft, use this silk quilt, for superior jiapin. Silk was made by the selection of High-quality Double Palace Cocoon (also known as husband and wife Cocoon) boiled rotten, stripping silkworm Chrysalis, will not have pupa Cocoon first set on the small ring, and then set on the big ring, made thin, remove, disinfection drying, hand-loose gradually retreat Murat large, layer by layer, and finally put on gauze bag, made of various specifications of the quilt.
The entire operation of the process for hand-made, excellent workmanship, uniform thickness and durability.

Silk by the characteristics of silk is the raw material for cocoons, cocoons for natural protein long fiber, no impurities, dust, no static electricity, with moth-proof, mildew characteristics, there is a return to the nature of color, is the real green health care products.About 97% of the composition of silk is pure natural animal protein, close to human skin, so there is a good skin-friendly

Silk is the role of the human body of silk is a body of all kinds of amino acids, the human skin has a nutritional and protective effect. Nieder medical Surgery, has used silkworm silk thread suture and ligation of the wound, no stitches, can be absorbed by the human body, some skin diseases can not heal, the respiratory disease patients, can reduce the short fiber, dust stimulation and reduce morbidity, the elderly can reduce the pressure of bedding to the body feel comfortable. Silk is able to effectively protect the shoulders, reduce the pain of periarthritis of the shoulder, silk quilt is the skin allergy person's good friend.

May the silk be relieved of your tiredness, and you will go to sweet dreams.

Silk quilt is characterized by light weight, long fiber, good warmth, good ventilation. Formerly enjoyed by the Royal palace, today with the improvement of the quality of life, gradually into the ordinary people's home, the use of silk quilt is consistent that the silk is superior to other texture of the bedding, is the best product of today's bedding upgrading, is also a gift for the best gifts of relatives and friends filial piety, silk is known as the mattress in the boutique, bed of the finest. Silk was only used to feel the silk was soft, elegant and luxurious, soft texture, covered with comfortable warmth, accompanied by the life of 1/3 of the time, the use of silk is a wise choice, is the greatest enjoyment of life, may the silk was relieved your fatigue, with you into a sweet dreamland.

So, do you have reason to add a silk quilt to yourself so that you can improve your sleep quality more, do you think?

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