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Silk Bedding Sheets

The sericin in silk dispels accumulation of melanin in your skin, preventing/delaying any black spots from forming on your skin.

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Silk Bedding Sheet Sets

Get covered with these luxurious silk bedding sets and enjoy a good night's sleep, and your skin and hair will thank you.

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Silk Comforter

Wrap yourself in this wow-so-comfy silk comforter and you'll get a night sleep that's never been good before. Try it and you'll not regret it.

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Most Popular Collections

Silk Pillowcases

Time to get a good night's sleep with these silk pillowcases crafted from 6A grade mulberry silk, and your skin and hair will also thank you.

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Silk Sleepwear

Perfect for enjoying a comfortable and luxurious night. Say no to night sweats and embrace quality life with the breathable noble fabrics.

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Silk Blankets

Wrap yourself in this blanket made from 100% pure mulberry silk to get warm without overheating.

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