How much does a blissy pillowcase cost?

Blissy silk pillowcases do work. The effects of silk pillowcases have been proven by various experts, especially on facial skin and hair.

Although pillowcases may be a not very noticeable presence in the whole environment of your bedroom, they do have a more important element to your daily life. Silk pillowcases will not only improve your sleep, but they will also change the state of your appearance and leave you glowing. Many of you should have brushed up on the fact that there is information about silk pillowcases that can help with sleep, cosmetology, etc., but didn't act on it because so many products claim to address wrinkles. But now I'm saying, shouldn't being able to help you with wrinkles while you sleep be the most popular?

Silk may seem like an unnecessary expense, but try it again and you'll fall madly in love with her. Once you've used silk pillowcases you'll realize why you didn't switch to silk pillowcases sooner. With a good silk pillowcase, your face and hair and sleep go up a notch, so what else should I look out for or what professional advice do I have when using a product like the blissy silk pillowcase.

Why do Blissy pillowcases work?

 What makes Blissy's silk pillowcases so famous and loved by many of the general public, but what about search keywords that are also a little questionable when observed. Let's analyze, first of all, blissy sells silk pillowcase is made of 22 momme 100% pure mulberry silk (silk pillowcase is in accordance with the momme to classify the grade, the larger the number the higher the grade, the price of the sale of the corresponding price will become higher, usually on the market for the sale of silk pillowcases for the 19 mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm.) and claimed to be the grade for the 6A mulberry silk, which means that it is made of relatively good quality silk fabric to produce silk pillowcase.

Brand benefits aside, the silk pillowcase itself comes with a lot of benefits, first in that the silk is cool, perfect for cooling the face and neck, which not only allows for a very good night's sleep, but is also very friendly for those who have a habit of sweating during nighttime sleep. Secondly silk has an anti-allergy effect because it is a material that does not harbor bacteria or mites, so it is perfect for beautiful women who have had beauty programs and for those who are prone to facial allergies. Silk also has a moisturizing effect, so if you apply skin care products before bed, a silk pillowcase can double the effect of the skin care products. Another thing that separates silk from other fabric pillowcases is that it's silkier and softer and won't leave crease marks on your face, which is friendly to the skin on your neck and face.

The benefits for your hair are in the words of the blissy product description:

  • Less frizz
  • No tangles
  • Less prone to hair loss
  • Easy to style

 As they say, By minimizing friction and pulling between your hair and the bedding, your hair will become tougher and not be worn down and thinned out, and by not absorbing too much water, your hair will be protected by the natural oils you produce.


 Why are blissy pillowcases expensive?

First of all, the price cost of silk fabrics is high because the process of planting mulberry trees, raising silkworms, to extracting silk, to making silk is a very long process. It needs to consume a lot of time and labor costs, so the raw material cost itself is very high.

Secondly, you need to consider the factors of brand efficiency, understand the marketing of people know, do a brand need to invest a lot of original cost, then in order to maintain the break-even, necessarily need to add these costs in their own selling price, such as advertising costs, KOL costs, blogger costs, and a variety of shooting costs, etc. blissy's brand marketing is very much in place, and each social media APP can be The brand marketing of blissy is very well done, every social media app can see the figure of its paid advertisement, and the KOL promotion is also done very much, so the selling price cost is naturally very expensive.

All things considered, there are more marketing costs attached to the value of the brand's products, so naturally they sell for a higher price. But not all users want to offer such a high commodity value for silk pillowcases. So is there a silk brand that you can pay a relatively small price for while getting the same quality of results from the product? And the answer is yes.

Is Blissy any better than other silk pillowcases?

For silk pillowcase here products, throw out the brand marketing and other factors have, as long as the product with the same raw materials, then it can achieve the same effect. So I'm about to introduce is the same as blissy product quality, even higher than blissy silk pillowcase brand.

THXSILK Silk Pillowcase Review


The THXSILK pillowcases range from $27.99-$52.99 when not discounted.

The cost of blissy silk pillowcases range from $90-$110 when not discounted.

Colors to choose from

THXSILK's silk pillowcases come in over 30+ colors, so pretty much any color you want can be found here, but of course the most popular are the versatile white silk pillowcases as well as the gray silk pillowcases, There are also some really cute silk complete styles designed for children, as well as silk pillowcases that are available for two(silk body pillowcase). And travel silk pillowcases for traveling.

Selectable number of momme

THXSILK is a brand with its own production factory, and unlike blissy, they may often need to change source factories to reduce the cost of their products. So the silk fabric is more than adequate, the brand has 19 momme silk pillowcase, 22 momme silk pillowcase, 25 momme silk pillowcase and 30 momme silk pillowcase to choose from.


THXSILK silk pillowcases are OEKO-CERTIFIED, which means they are free of harmful substances. It has also been recognized by various more prestigious websites such as Good Housekeeping, elle, etc.

To summarize the belonging, blissy silk pillowcase is effective, because the silk pillowcase itself is a product with various advantages, if you need a more cost-effective silk pillowcase, you can also choose other brands of the same quality and effectiveness.