July 31, 2018

The purchase of summer silk is to be able to distinguish the material used for silk.

The details of the summer to buy silk is to pay attention to

In the summer of July-August, the most obvious feeling was that thick quilts could not be covered, and everyone began to choose to buy summer quilts. Yes, it is the silk quilt used in summer. Because the silk is highly tempered and very breathable, it is especially suitable for the hot summer environment. It is also very good to feel that the air conditioner is covered with air conditioner and soft silk.

At the same time, many merchants have also launched their own silk summer quilt, but the silk is the worst hit area in the summer.

The silk summer was singled to 0.6 kg, the double was 0.8 kg, and the manual positioning was a good silk. However, on the one hand, when people are introduced to the summer silk quilt of the merchants, it is easy to ignore the manual positioning, and it is easy to ignore the zipper length of not less than 50cm. On the other hand, it is also very important. In the summer when the filaments are not compared, the consumers can't touch the short silk, because after all, the silk and the thin quilt are still very soft!

The material of silk quilt is directly related to the category of silkworm cocoons

For example, as a silk quilt manufacturer, we recently made a silk quilt for a traditional home textile brand. A bed sample was placed on the showcase between the samples. The staff touched the quilt with both hands. The first time was intuitive. It’s very comfortable, but after 2-3 seconds, the staff who have experience in the production of silk have realized that the difference between the sample and the silk eye mask is large, because the composition of the short wire causes the difference in touch, and the ordinary silk Because of the lack of experience in this area, the buyer could not discern the difference in the feel of the long and short silk when purchasing silk quilts.

The following is to talk about the quilt that has been matched with the short silk. These colorful quilts have become the most popular style of the business. You can try to search for each brand of textiles and silk quiltbrands, compare the product attributes.

However, these are well-recognized, as long as you use your mind a little, look at the product parameters, not to be covered by the hot summer, not covered by the seemingly cool cover, it is also very easy to put this kind of short silk Excluded.

Of course, there are also those that are not so cool, pure white, and the short silk is correct.

In fact, last year, the situation that the silk was shorted by the summer was worse than this. Almost every brand of summer was short-sleeved. In the second half of last year, the factory discussed people’s consumption trends. It’s so hot again, most people are pursuing quality life, we have to insist on doing our good quality, and it’s not true. I came here this summer. I searched these brands and found that other brands have already switched to tussah silk summer and pupa Lined with silk in summer, this is really a welcome change. It is a thousand thousand consumers who have changed this with action (after receiving the goods, they found that it is a short-term choice to return), using a good quilt to make consumers We deserve it!

Silk made from filament or short silk is different in quality and touch.

So why use short silk for summer?

First, the cost is about 1/3 of the filament, the price is cheap, the brand also sells a few hundred dollars, especially good to sell, you can go to sales in a short time.

Second, clean up the short wire stock. Some manufacturers who started short-staple, short-selling stocks of millions of dollars, not clear, headaches.

Third, the short silk is made into a summer quilt, and the body feels quite comfortable, and the summer is quilted, and the washing is no problem, which satisfies some needs.

Now explain why the silk lining is used under the brand mulberry silk. Why not choose the double palace, the double palace and the upper silk, but choose the silk material? Because, all of these summer products are qualified. Yes, in the silkworm silk, the lining filament can reach the qualified product. What can you judge with the lining filament? You can use both hands to touch on both sides of the quilt. There is a sense of guilt. It is not completely smooth and unobstructed. Of course, the color can also distinguish one or two. The poor lining has clear bleaching marks, not like the pearl luster.

Handmade process diagram of long silk quilt

Then the question comes, why are the brands not willing to use the selected double palace, double palace, silkworm silk for summer?

From the perspective of cost, we can easily consider it. Of course, there are many natural factors that are also important.

To sum up, there are so many pits in the summer, and they are not as deep as the spring and autumn, the pits of the winter, and the thin layer. As long as the friends are careful, they will distinguish them. Moreover, it is short silk, tussah silk, and silk lining. It is not the reason we don't choose. Light, thin, and quick-drying are also the needs of many people. As for life, people have expectations for summer. how much?

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