July 31, 2018

Teach you six strokes to buy silk quilts

If you want to buy a good quilt, you can't blindly buy it too expensive or too cheap, because many silks are not cheap, but not necessarily 100% silk-filled silk quilts (some e-commerce sellers are confident that they The silk quilt is 100% silk quilt. In fact, he has stolen the concept, because the national standard stipulates that more than 50% of the silk-filled quilt is called silk quilt). Therefore, there is a very complicated article to do with such a difference in text. Therefore, to buy a good quilt, we have to practice 18 martial arts, not only to look at the first price, but also to look at the level, to see the weight, to see the craft, to see the fabric, to see the type of silkworm cocoons, to see the length of silk, see The length of the zipper on the tire cover, look ... good, let's take a look at this Taihu snow silk is taught you six strokes to buy silk quilt, it is enough ~

Do you have your own purchase criteria when you buy silk quilts?

First move, look at grade, content, type, length and fabric

These parameters can be seen from a single place, so they are discussed together. First talk about how to look and see where. For general e-commerce platform e-commerce, as long as the silk is released under this category, the product parameters must be filled in accordance with the requirements of the e-commerce platform. This product parameter is located under the column [Select size, color classification] on the mobile phone. Many people ignore this and go directly to the baby details or evaluation. Product parameters generally include the following parameters: product grade, silk content, silk type, silk length and quilt cover fabric.

A brand of home textile silk quilt

1 for product grade

In the last article, we said that the silk of the national standard is rated as superior products > first-class products > qualified products, all kinds of excellent products are very high, the standard of qualified products is low, the specific difference is how big, we have to look at the national standard book (For other oil content, moisture regain, etc., the requirements of each level are the same, the content of this article is limited, so do not introduce, there is a national standard book link at the end of the text):

Silk is part of the national tender

Compared with such differences, are the friends who don't want to buy first-class products and qualified products in the blink of an eye? First-class products do not require fluorescent whitening agents, so there is the possibility of bleaching silk. In addition to the requirements for the impurity content, there is no requirement for silk length, color difference and compression resilience. Therefore, the qualified product can be filled with short filaments, and the color difference is OK. The most basic bulk of the quilt is unintentional. It’s really no better than not knowing, one is scared! Therefore, buying silk is the preferred item. However, the level is greatly affected by the testing environment. In this place, testing is a superior product, and testing in another place may not be a superior product. Before we planted this thing, 1000 quilts of superior products, and finally gave the buyer a discount to finish. This is why many merchants, including brands, are only willing to qualify for quality products. Therefore, everyone should not be attached to superior products.

2 for silk content

Again, since we are going to buy silk quilts, we try to avoid buying “wire-filled quilts”. If we look at the 100% silk content, we will avoid buying “wire-filled quilts”.
Silk material is a very misunderstanding of our purchase.

3 for silk types

Silk species include mulberry silk and tussah silk. The first two articles have a rich introduction to the difference between the two (the silkworm silk price is almost half of the price of silk, and interested friends can click the first two to see) . The silkworm cocoon is cultivated artificially, and the tussah pupa grows in the wild. The silk quilt is delicate, soft and comfortable, and the mulberry silk is the first.

Left silkworm, right silkworm

4 for silk length

According to the relationship between the length of silk and silkworm cocoons, the filaments of silkworm silk and tussah silk are generally derived from the whole scorpion, the tussah silk cotton is derived from silkworm lining, and the silk sericulture is complicated.cocoon,pupa, scraps are available. The quality of various lengths of silk and the grades of our dry goods articles have also been comprehensively compared, from the quality, comfort and longevity, filament cotton has an absolute advantage, of course, including the price.

Comparison of various silk lengths

5 for fabric

All said "good horse with a good saddle", good silk will also be matched with a good quality cotton tire cover. Nowadays, 60 satin and satin jacquards are commonly used. Such a cover is thick and dense and does not burr. However, according to the different needs of consumers, there are also 40 or 60 cotton gauze covers, which are lighter and more permeable, and relatively cheap, but there will be a little drill. If the fabric written on the product parameters is polyester, then this bed quilt should not be bought. Because, a good cotton tire cover, it is likely that it is not a good silk inside (now many merchants have a good tire cover, so that consumers mistakenly think that the silk inside is also good), but the polyester fiber chemical fiber fabric harmful to the human body, The inside is definitely not a good silk.

The summary above is the product grade, silk content, silkworm cocoon type, silk length and fabric material that can be seen from the e-commerce platform and other e-commerce platform product parameters. If the small partners see superior products, 100% silk, silk , silk cotton, cotton fabric, then this silk can be considered almost. However, because supervision and quality inspection can not be comprehensive, there are still a large number of sellers' product parameters written on the e-commerce platform, but the actual is a fake quilt. How should this be broken? So after reading the product parameters, it is not enough to buy a really good quilt. Please see Taihu Xue to teach you the second trick.

The second measure, see the net weight

Because silk is expensive, it is sold in pounds. Generally, it is how much per kilogram. It takes several kilograms of silk to be spent several times. The money and weight of the tire cover are calculated separately. The partners can use 2 kilograms of silk. The price minus 1 kilogram of silk is the price, and the result is how much silk per kilogram. Before the silk cotton is drawn, it needs to be weighed to ensure that it is full of two feet, but it will not be more. If you put more than one or two silk source manufacturers, you may lose money. Therefore, good silk is labeled with net weight. Silk that is not net weight of silk is sold by sellers.

The third measure

There are a lot of silks on the market that are used in the quilting process. This kind of quilting is generally a fake quilt. At most, it is a good product. Because the sewing is tight, even if the silk is short, the quilt will not fall asleep. Shrink into a ball. In addition, the quilt of the quilt is easy to breed bacteria, and it is easy to hide dirt, and it will cause the silk to be slumped quickly, and it cannot be dismantled and cannot be refurbished. The real way to fix the silk is to manually position it, that is, the thread or the flower that can be pulled up by the face when the partner buys the silk. The silk of the silk cotton is stabilized by the silk tire, and the silk can be well fixed by hand positioning, without quilting, and it is convenient to disassemble and facilitate renovation. Before buying a quilt, you can see the manufacturing process, manual positioning or quilting in the product parameters (you can also see the parameters mentioned in the first stroke). After buying the quilt, you can use the chart below to compare the judgments. However, there are some quilts that are not positioned now. In theory, good silkworm silk is not fixed. It is no problem. It is not necessary to increase the selling point and enhance the trust of consumers. The actual benefits (do not know if peace of mind is not counted? "There is no positioning needle is finally filament"). However, the use process can not avoid pulling, pulling, smashing, quilt without positioning pin is still not recommended to buy.

The fourth measure to see the length of the zipper

The silk is generally left with a zipper detection port for inspection and replacement. The longer the zipper mouth is, the more confident the seller is in his product. If the zipper of the quilt is less than 50cm, it is not very convenient to test, and there is also the possibility of fraud. The profiteers can fill the zipper with silk, or lay a layer of silk on the top. If the zipper opening of a silk quilt is only 3-5cm, the fingers can't reach it, and only when the detection port loses silk, 99.99% is not a real silk quilt.

The chance of a good quilt above 50 cm is even greater.

The fifth trick to see the washing standard

The national standard stipulates that the fiber content should be marked with the type of filler silkworm (silkworm or tussah) and the length of the fiber (filament, short filament, medium filament). The filler filled with silk of different lengths should be clearly stated. According to the sales psychology, if the seller's products have any selling points, they will definitely show up, but the fake or poor selling points will often be hidden because of guilty conscience. So if a seller does use 100% silkworm silk, then he will mark it out and even mark it in many places; if a seller sells fake silk quilt or short silk quilt, then he may only The words "silk" will be marked, and the details and length of the silk will not be introduced too much in the details of the baby.

Sixth trick to see the price

In the above five strokes, everything can be faked. The silk quilts that claim superior products on the market are not really up to standard. The length of the zipper can be put to 1 meter 5. The washing label is 100% silk (filament cotton) is a fake. There are also a lot of them, and the manual positioning is also the way the silk is made. The five strokes mentioned before are the necessary conditions for a real good silk quilt, not a sufficient condition.

The price alone will not lie, which is directly related to the interests of everyone from the upstream to the downstream of the supply chain.

Let us finally return to the price.

Better reference to the criteria for purchasing silk quilts through different dimensions

The silk quilt's life passes through a long series of processes such as silkworm eggs, ant silkworms, four sleeps 5 years old, crusting, boiled cotton, cotton, drying, inspection, drawing, sewing, needle inspection, etc. Be. Behind what we can't see, there are many hidden forms that silkworm farmers pay, so remember this iron law: not expensive is not a silk quilt.

The silk in front was mentioned in the upstream article, non-brand:

The market price of 100% silkworm silk is between 120-200 yuan per catty;

The market price of filament in 100% tussah silk is between 180-230 yuan per catty;

100% silkworm silk lining silk or yellow spot silk market price of about 300 yuan per catty;

100% silkworm silk on the silk market average price of 300 yuan per catty +;

100% silkworm filament ordinary double palace market price 350 yuan per catty +;

100% silkworm silk selection double palace market price of 400 yuan per catty.

However, chemical fiber and kapok are more than ten yuan a pound, and the silk with the fake silk is cheap, but it is still profiteering. So partners must reject the low price temptation. And the expensive silk quilt, as the girl said, people don't believe it. In fact, all earned are conscience money.

The above is the specific tactics that partners can use in the actual purchase of silk quilts. It may be a more comprehensive description of the purchase of silk details, which is absolutely sufficient.

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