July 30, 2018

What is the choice of silk bedding? Is it more expensive and more dense?
Everyone said that the benefits of silk, so why not use the silk of the bead? This is a icing on the cake.
Emmm, my first reaction is: the cost of this addition is too high. Because, a pound of good silk is only a few hundred pieces, and a silk is covered by more than 100 dollars, so that a bed of silk quilt is more than 300 dollars, it seems a bit expensive
The same is true: for example, if you go to the store, they have a bed of 500g silk + a silk quilt with a combination of the tires, and the price is 4680. (The shopping guides gave me a zipper to let me see how good the silk is, um, It's really good). I asked the shopping guide. If I bought this quilt, would my four-piece suit also use silk? They said that it is not necessary to look at personal habits, but also use a four-piece cotton.
The reason is correct, but if I use a four-piece cotton set, the first one can not directly feel the silky slip of the silk, and the second may have more or less wear on the silk. ? Then why don't I just use a cotton tread?

Do you know what fabrics are better suited for silk being covered?
This leads to another drawback of using silk covered tires: silk is not so easy to care for, and if silk is used, it is possible to replace the whole bedding with silk. Higher
A four-piece silk set of at least 300 US dollars
In fact, cost may be a very important factor, but the ultimate reason why silk is not covered with silk fabric is: not suitable. Because the friction coefficient of both is very low, they are very slippery, silk can not fit and attract well with silk fabric, but will eventually affect the whole quilt's carry-on. Therefore, there is a silk high-end brand that uses fabrics with better materials to solve the contradiction between high-end and practical (but still very expensive)
So what fabric is more suitable for the silk to be covered by the tire cover?
--Cotton fabrics.
Very good cotton fabric bonded with silk
Because, in natural fabrics, the fit of cotton fabric and silk is the best, silk is easy to bond on pure cotton fabric, not easy to separate. Moreover, in the production of silk quilts, good filament raw materials are generally manually positioned to fix the silk silk tires, so as to ensure the stability of the silk silk tires, the bulkiness and cleanliness of the quilt for a long time. The cotton fabric is hand-positioned, and the quilt's carry-on, take-up, and skin-friendly properties are particularly good (these three words are actually a matter...). In addition, although the stability of the high-quality filament tire itself is very good, but by manual positioning, if the silk can not be well bonded with the bead, not only is it not good to use when it is used, it is not comfortable enough, and if it is not honest, It is easy to make a silk tire run and form a group by kicking a kick and licking it. Therefore, some merchants who use silk tires have adopted the quilting process, and quilted a very delicate pattern. On the one hand, it reflects the beauty and high-end of the product, on the other hand, it fixes the silk tire without running. Move, while sacrificing fluffiness and obedience. For pure cotton fabric + manual positioning, although the benefits of filaments can be maximized, it is simple, not aesthetically pleasing & high-end. So everyone has to choose the right one for you!
Having said that, the two materials of silk and cotton are compared. Considering the utility and price of being covered by silk, I believe that pure cotton is the best choice for most people. Of course, this is already a silk manufacturer. The most materials for commercial households. There are also some poor silk quilts that use polyester fiber, modal, and good quilt made of silk. It is also similar to silk, and the silk is not enough.

Buying silk is necessary to understand the silk being covered by the tire cover.
In addition to the good adhesion, as the silk is covered by the tire cover, it also has an important function - anti-drilling wire. Under normal circumstances, cotton yarns with more than 40 yarns and more than 200 densities (the yarn count indicates the yarn thickness, the higher the count, the finer the yarn; the density indicates the warp yarns arranged per square inch. And the number of weft yarns, the higher the density, the better the quality), basically can not do the diamond. Therefore, most of the introductions on the market or on the e-commerce platform are 40 cotton twill, 60 pure cotton satin (twill, satin representing different weaves), and the 40-piece bead is generally more than 200. The general density of 60 pieces is more than 300. Of course, some merchants use 80 satin sleeves, but the cotton count is too high, that is, the finer the yarn, the thinner the fabric, the stronger the silky feel, the higher the count, comparable to silk, so it is The fit between the tire cover and the silk is also reduced, so it is not so easy to use.
40-80 cotton fabrics, the difference between the specific production process (such as weaving, jacquard, etc.), the cost of double size is about 100-200. The cost of the bead cover is not small, and there are also visible differences in appearance and feel. Merchants (generally brand owners) will match the different grades of silk according to their different price levels. Some brands will use 80 top models. Considering the fit, 80 are actually 8060 instead of 8080. However, this is not absolute. Some people used 40 silk fabrics with good silk, and some used 80 silk fabrics with poor silk.
Therefore, the most suitable silk is the 40-60. 40 cotton feels stronger, fits better, and can basically do not drill the wire, good silk with 40 fabrics is very common, but the good silk is more with 60, cotton and high-end.
In addition to the adhesion and anti-drilling wire, there is also a factor that has to be mentioned that affects the function of the silk being covered by the tire cover - weight. Silk is a very light thing, people choose silk quilts in order to seek lighter and warmer. The above mentioned 40, 200, 60, and 80, 400, one can be 2-3 pounds by weight, which seems to contradict the original intention of people to choose silk, although spread out It is also very comfortable to cover, but if you reduce the weight of the tire cover to about 1 kg, it is not lighter and more comfortable! In fact, the previous silk was basically made of cotton gauze, which was very light, but the yarn and the yarn were very sparse, which caused the drilling phenomenon to be very serious, which would affect the removal of the outer quilt and take care of it. trouble.

When people want to be light and hope that the drilling thread is not so serious, a new type of pure cotton yarn fabric has been developed, and 60 130 high-density gauze fabrics are among the best. The size of the double quilt is only 1 jin, and the fabric is super soft. The quilt is very docile. Even a small number of people are willing to accept and pay for it. This also gives people more choices.
Because everyone's needs are different. Everyone is also sensitive to weight. Some people think that 60 of the 300 are very comfortable. Some people think that 60 of the 130 are really comfortable, but some people think that 60 of the 130 are too light, not suitable for this kind of light, they will want a little weight, prefer 60 300.
There are very few 60 gauze fabrics on the market, and most of them are 40 fabrics of less than 100, which are similar to medical gauze in pharmacies. Relative to 60 130 pairs, the weight difference is not big (60 will be relatively lighter), the wire will be more serious, and not soft enough, but the price is 40 is 60 of 1/2, double size, 40 40 pieces of gauze, 60 pieces of 60 gauze. However, in general, it is still more recommended 60, when friends buy, remember to ask the number and density!
Finally, I talked about some low-end fabrics on the market where the silk was covered, as well as false claims and false propaganda about these fabrics.
There is a hotel-style striped cotton tire cover, we can not buy as much as possible, because this fabric has poor raw materials, poor yarn, and low density, basically 190 or less, very thin, the price is very cheap, double size As long as the cost is 60 yuan, the quality of the tire cover is generally the most used by small workshops. When they are making silk quilts, they will tell consumers that the bead cover is 100 yuan, only earning silk money, and not making money.
Common four colors
The reason for this single outing is that the most used words used by these sellers when introducing their bedding are satin, satin and satin. These words are extremely misleading and will be considered by consumers. 60 satins are the same quality. In fact, the difference is huge. From raw materials to crafts to finished products, they are completely different grades. It is the difference between RMB60 and RMB120. Of course, many sellers don't know it, from the stripes on the face to the satin, from the satin to the satin, and then to the satin, how to introduce it on the tall. Because you don't need to be responsible for what you say.
There is also a large jacquard fabric, often declared by the merchants as 60 cotton satin jacquard fabrics. Commonly, it is also white, red and yellow.

Buying silk is try to buy branded products
But the insider can see that this pattern is the most common 40 Jacquards on the market. The price is in the early 80s. The cotton composition that sells for less than 85 yuan is skeptical, and this pattern is There are many fabrics with viscose on the market. In addition, this quality of cotton jacquard, the factory is the maximum compression cost, it is difficult to achieve the national standard.
60 yuan a 60 satin jacquard, the gap between the 60 satin jacquards and the real 60 satin jacquards in the business mouth is the gap between 80 yuan and 160 yuan.
A satin jacquard with a 60-up color and feel
There are also some cotton quilts containing polyester, and a few pictures are also available for your reference.
The pattern of jacquard is very violent, sure to contain polyester
Polyester cotton jacquard double size about 75 yuan
The last one is the worst cotton fabric, and the upper surface is usually printed with high-grade silk. The size of the double size is only 35 yuan, which is quite thin and quite poor. If you can buy it, you can't buy it.
These four types of bead covers have been like this. If used to make silk quilts, can the silk inside be good?
Therefore, it is more practical to buy silk quilt and pay more attention to brand and word of mouth.

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