August 02, 2018

The silk here is 100% silk, not silk. The silk is silk but the fiber is thicker and shorter than the silk. It is soft, warm and has a service life less than silk. Now there are merchants shoddy, everyone To polish your eyes. The duvet is a white goose down with a content of more than 90%.

1, warmth (under the same weight, does not include quilt cover, the temperature is compared in the case of 0-5 degrees winter):

Have you ever compared silk with duvet quilts?

Down > mulberry > quilt

The down spherical fiber has thousands of triangular small pores, and has a temperature regulating function to ensure the blockage of air. The weight of a bed adult is about 2-3 kg.

The silk is silk, the silk cross section has a hollow layer, and the silk of one bed is formed by drawing dozens of silk pockets, which will be relatively fluffy and play a warming role. The weight of a bed adult is about 4-5 kg.

The quilt is a short yarn, so it needs a certain density to achieve the warmth effect. A bed adult is weighed about 8-10 kg.

The weight of the quilt has a relatively large effect on the body, especially when we sleep for more than 1/3 of our life. The best choice for cardiovascular disease is the soft quilt, which reduces the sense of oppression.

2, smell (smell comfort, refers to the new quilt just purchased): quilt> mulberry silk> down

The quilt is a plant fiber, and the taste is the smallest and more comfortable.

Silk quilt, silk is the silk spit out of the silkworm baby, white and yellow. The newly pulled silk will be tasted with mulberry leaves, and it will also have a sour taste. It can be removed by drying in a ventilated place for 2-3 days. Silk should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Because it is made of animal protein, it will be oxidized, thus shortening the life of use.

The new duvet taste is not much to say, you need to dry and deodorize.

3, soft and comfortable (skin touch): silk > down > quilt

Silk is filament, very soft, generally the silk quilt will shake the wave will feel, the quilt is selected from the cotton quilt cover, it will be very close, especially the shoulder will not leak. Because the quality of the duvet is light, the comfort is above the cotton, but because the duvet is more demanding on the quilt, it is necessary to prevent the down, so the quilt will be coated or the number is very dense, plus the fluff itself is fluffy. , so not close to the body, will leak. The quilt is heavy and will leak.

4, hygroscopicity (suction of water emitted by the human body): silk > cotton > down

Comparing the similarities and differences between silk quilts by six dimensions

Silk fiber is animal protein, with 1/3 of the hollow layer, and the moisture absorption rate is very good.

Cotton fiber also has very good hygroscopicity and is relatively hydrophilic.

The duvet is too warm, so sometimes it will feel the body sweating when it is covered, because the down is too hygroscopic and not breathable. The body that is prone to sweating will be more troublesome.

5, moisture release (examination of moisture speed): silk > down > cotton

Silk wetting is also very good, because the cross section of silk fiber is irregular triangle, so after the quilt absorbs moisture from your body, it will be discharged to the outside (low temperature), and it is not a problem to cover the silk for one winter. The best maintenance is that you do not need to bask in the sun.

The second down jacket is because the cotton is really too wet.

Everyone should understand cotton fiber, cotton clothes, towels are very absorbent, hydrophilic, so it is not good to drain. The best maintenance of the quilt is that the sun is out outside the winter, and every household is sun-dried~~

6, health (health, beauty, soothe the nerves): silk > cotton > down

Mulberry silk is recognized as the most environmentally friendly raw material in the world. Mulberry is not able to fight pesticides (the insecticide of silkworms is dead), so silk is a pure natural animal protein. Silk also contains a variety of essential amino acids, which have the effect of preventing wind, dehumidification, soothing and nourishing. Therefore, covering silk is equivalent to doing health care. Moreover, the silk is smear-proof, anti-allergic, and the structure of the silk is close to 87% of that of the human skin, so that the skin of the silk is better.

Cotton is a plant fiber, and the stimulation to the human body is also very small, suitable for close-fitting clothing.

People with allergies in the duvet are very good for non-allergic, light weight, and can soothe the nerves, making people fall asleep quickly.

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