19 vs 22 Momme Silk Pillowcase

What is Momme?

Momme is a Japanese word used as a unit of measurement for the weight of silk. momme, usually abbreviated as mm, the larger the momme the thicker the silk fabric. The momme of silk is the gram weight of the fabric, and generally speaking, the greater the gram weight, the more raw silk material used and the higher the cost.

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But you can't simply say that the heavier the gram weight of the fabric, the better the fabric. For example, it is very hot to cover with 30 or even 40 momme of silk cover in summer. Therefore, the thickness of silk is closely related to the season of use and the purpose of the fabric. In summer, it is best to use 16 momme silk, while the spring and autumn season often use 19-25 momme silk, as for winter, the use of more than 30 momme silk will be better.


12 to 30 momme weight

Habutai silk

5 to 16 momme weight


6 to 8 momme weight


3 to 5 momme weight

Crepe de Chine

12 to 16 momme weight


12 to 30 momme weight

Raw silk

35 to 40 momme weight


Difference between 19 mm, 22 mm for a silk pillowcase

19 momme pure silk pillowcases are the ideal fusion of class, dependability, elegance, and value. The 19 momme silk pillowcase is designed for regular use and laundering. With proper care, the luster, sheen and usability will last for a great length of time. Like our 22 momme silk sheets, our 19 mulberry silk pillowcases are seamless, resulting in uninterrupted smoothness and silkiness.

With the right handling and laundry, 22 momme silk can endure up to ten years because it has roughly 30% more silk per square inch than 19 momme. 22 momme silk pillowcase sets, which are renowned for their elegance, are ideal for wedding bedding, anniversary presents, and engagement parties. For individuals who prefer their mulberry silk pillowcase to be extra large and soft, 25mm can be the perfect fit.

The higher momme weight the better?

Momme is a measure of quality. A heavier, stronger, and more resilient silk results from an increase in momme. Lightweight silk is defined as being 17 momme or less, and is frequently used for delicate, gently-worn goods like summer scarves or light blouses. Our goal is to produce silk bedding of the highest caliber. Lightweight silk is less expensive but produces a lower quality item. All THXSILK silk bedding is created with silk that is 19 momme or higher.

Nearly 20% more silk is present per square inch in 22 momme silk than in 19 momme. The luster and gloss of silk are preserved by the denser weave, which also increases durability. 22 momme pure silk sheets are thought to last almost twice as long as sheets with lesser momme weights. The best quality silk pillowcases will combine these key factors: Momme (mm) density count + quality grade + silk type = The ultimate in luxury and self-care. 

Which Momme Should I Buy?

We give you the most luxurious 19mmme 25momme 30 momme, 6A charmeuse weave, 100% mulberry silk pillowcase for your advantage and delight since we think you should receive what you pay for.

Our 'A' quality designation designates our silk pillowcases as ultra-luxurious, and 30 momme is the highest count available. Mulberry silk is the finest silk produced.

Our pillowcases are made of 30 momme silk charmeuse, which is noticeably superior to those made of lower momme counts.

The reason why THXSILK's 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase is a priceless investment and the ideal gift is because a silk pillowcase of this caliber represents a sincere dedication to your physical well-being as well as your mental and emotional wellbeing. You will have the finest possible night's sleep thanks to the silky-smooth, naturally hypoallergenic surface. You'll feel brand-new when you wake up. Enjoy the opulent silk from THXSILK. You deserve it.

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What are the thread counts of THXSILK SILK PILLOWCASE ?

Any pillowcase you look at will almost certainly mention the thread count. If you're unfamiliar, thread count refers to the material's number of threads per square inch. Usually, thread count refers to the total number of lengthwise and widthwise threads. The next time you see a pillowcase, goose down duvet cover, or any other fabric with a thread count of, say, 600, know that it has 300 threads running lengthwise and 300 running across the width of the fabric.

Generally speaking, a fabric with a thread count of 400 or above will be really soft and feel wonderful against the skin. Experts assert that there is little physical difference between fabrics until you pass the 400-point mark. Therefore, there won't be much of a difference between a cloth with a thread count of 500 and one with a thread count of 600. So, your objective should be to purchase a pillowcase with a thread count of at least 400. In addition, more does not always equate to better.

Our naturally hypoallergenic silk sheet sets will offer you the health advantages, beauty, and refinement you want in luxury bedding, regardless of the weight you select.

To find the silk bedding that calls to you, look through our pages. You can locate the silk sheets and silk pillowcases your bed needs in one of the many sizes, hues, and designs that are offered.

Not sure if investing in silk sheets will be a good idea? Try using a oeko tex certified silk pillowcase to sleep. You'll adore it, we're certain. We'll offer you a 10% off coupon code to use on any silk sheet purchase if you write us an email describing why you adore your THXSILK silk pillowcase online.

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