Mulberry Silk Duvet Covers Reviews

Silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world, but do you know the benefits of silk duvet cover and what kind of silk duvet cover are best for you?

Many celebrities have silk bedding among their must-haves, such as Marilyn Monroe's favorite white silk duvet cover. Before we start paying homage to our inner Marilyn Monroe, let's look at some of the major 7 health benefits of silk duvet cover. Then, We will recommend Top 3 best mulberry silk duvet cover we reviewed.

Sleep naked and relax

Silk is the finest natural fiber, of which the average diameter of mulberry silk is 13 microns ~ 18 microns; is also the longest single fiber in the natural fiber; drape performance is good, skin index can reach more than 90%, especially silk fiber light and soft, high-quality silk duvet cover must be just needed in the season suitable for naked sleep! Partners who want to sleep naked should hold on to the opportunity.

Light, thin, soft, moisturizing and nourishing

Silk interior is filled with dense voids, these voids have a good function is to absorb moisture and breathable; her moisture rate is about 11%, which is high in the natural fiber. And the primary condition to make the skin feel cool in summer is through heat evaporation, silk fast moisture absorption can reduce the surface temperature of the skin, so that you are physically and mentally happy.

Natural SPA

Silk is incomparable to any fiber, the human body needs amino acids, 97% of its fibers belong to the protein, with the body's second layer of skin called. Silk gel has a similar role to the natural moisturizing factor in the skin stratum corneum, can prevent skin wrinkling, good skin-fitting silk protein fabric, as if the whole body SPA, much stronger than the chemical mask!

Deep sleep of constant temperature and warmth

Among all natural fibers silk has good heat transfer performance and superior contact coolness, and this coolness is even better if you choose silk fabric or tencel fabric to make the silk duvet cover. And the silk itself will adjust according to the human body temperature and environmental temperature, when the human skin temperature is low, silk will release the warming properties to adjust the temperature.

Nourishing skin care, natural

Mulberry silk is composed of natural proteins and 18 kinds of amino acids, and the proteins it contains have a nourishing, whitening, smooth and delicate effect on the human body. Silk is composed of protein fibers, which are biocompatible with the human body, and its smooth surface makes it the lowest frictional irritation factor among all types of fibers.

Excellent and unique moisture absorption and release properties

Silk protein fiber is enriched with hydrophilic groups such as amino groups (-NH2), and because of its porous nature, it is easy for water molecules to diffuse, so it can absorb or disperse water in the air and retain a certain amount of moisture; it has good warmth. Silk fibers are porous protein fibers, and the presence of large amounts of air in these voids prevents heat from escaping, making silk very warm.

Heat resistance, less shrinkage

Silk fibers are less heat-resistant and more heat-resistant. When heated to 100°C, they are only about 5-8% brittle, while most synthetic fibers are 4-5 times more heat-resistant than silk; fibers are less heat-resistant and more heat-resistant.

After learning about the 7 benefits of silk duvet cover, let's take a closer look at the silk duvet cover in this review.

19 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

19 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

We understand if you don't have the funds to spend $500+ on a bedding set. This satin option from THXSILK is just as shiny and glam, but at a fraction of the cost. There are six colors to choose from, so you can stock up. It's really lovely and extremely soft, and we don't think you can put a price on the sensation of sleeping on a cloud. Buy the entire set or mix and match colors to create your own look. It’s only $256.

22 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

22 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

Silk Duvet Cover are already quite extravagant, so why not go all out with a fancy patterned pillowcase? Christine from Selling Sunset might enjoy this. Do you want to give your room a classic, minimalist feel? Begin with white bedding. When your sheets are this luxurious, do your best not to get makeup or fake tan on them, or the vibe will be seriously ruined.

25 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

25 Momme Silk Duvet Cover

This is a cute bundle if you want to treat a friend to some skin and hair benefits. As well as the case itself, you will be gifted a matching super-soft eye mask to glam up your bedroom routine. Beauty sleep guaranteed.The light 3/4 tog is a great option for the upcoming summer, and thanks to all silk's temperature-regulating, breathable goodness, it will keep you cool during hot sticky nights without having to open every window in the room and have multiple very noisy fans going at the same time. 25 momme is the highest grade of silk fabric, buy this pure silk duvet cover and you will have the noble enjoyment!

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