7A Grade luxury mulberry silk filled comforter all season

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7A Grade luxury mulberry silk filled comforter all season
White / Twin(67''x87'' ) / Summer
White / Twin(67''x87'' ) / Spring&Fall
White / Twin(67''x87'' ) / Winter
White / Queen(87''x90'' ) / Summer
White / Queen(87''x90'' ) / Spring&Fall
White / Queen(87''x90'' ) / Winter
White / King(102''x90'') / Summer
White / King(102''x90'') / Spring&Fall
White / King(102''x90'') / Winter
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Snuggling under a big, soft comforter at night is the real luxurious feeling of security. Sleeping under a silk comforter is like wearing a really nice coat. It keeps you warm and holds everything together at the same time. Whether it's a silk comforter or a silk blanket, regardless of the season, a comforter filled with silk is great for people with demanding sleeping environments. To help you find the perfect silk comforter, we use the highest quality raw materials.

There are many grades of silk, and in the course of testing. thxsilk's consulted with many hotel professionals, fabric experts, and product designers. We learned about the needs of consumers in a variety of industries and use cases.The final decision was to pick 7A grade mulberry silk as the fabric for this silk comforter. A 7A rated comforter is a bit more expensive, but the feeling of using it is very luxurious that surpasses many upscale hotels. The fabric of this silk comforter is one of the most durable on the market, with a minimum life span of 10 years. It is available in three different sizes: twin, queen, and king sizes.

While you might think the silk comforter is thin based on the grams, silk actually keeps you warm just fine, even when the grams aren't as much as the cotton comforter. THXSILK consistently produces some of the best silk quilts on the market, with the Four Seasons Silk Quilt and the Winter Silk Quilt being the brand's best-selling silk quilts.

If you don't want to buy a bedspread for the time being, you can also choose to just use this silk comforter, as the shell is made of premium cotton, which is also very kind to the skin, and the white back doesn't detract from the overall aesthetics. The brand has been around for 8 years and the first purchasers of the 7A Silk Duvet have not left a bad impression. Even after 8 years, the silk quilts will still be as soft and skin-friendly as when you first opened the package. The silk duvet is also nicknamed a thermo-regulating duvet, as it helps cool you down when the temperature is too high, and warms you up with its softness and fit when the temperature is too low.

Silk comforters are actually very well cared for because silk has natural anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, so there's no need to wash them with water, just put them in a cool place and hang them to dry in the air. This is very convenient and time-saving for many people.

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Xueming X.
very comfortable

I am very satisfied with this purchase. I have been searched for the right size and quite comforter in the US for years and finally I found this one. We feel like we are sleeping over the cloud. Love it so much.

Jiemin Q.

7A Grade luxury mulberry silk filled all season comforter

A cloud

This comforter has been a dream to sleep under. 100% recommend

Robert N.

Light and warm, soft and slippery

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