What's the best bed blanket for winter and summer?

Silk has long been known as a luxurious material famous for its shine and softness. Everybody can now enjoy silk, which was used only by the royals and nobles in the past. Silk has been used in many fashion items, from luxurious party gowns to blouses, formal shirts, sleepwear, and accessories like scarves. Not only are clothes readily available nowadays, but so are other silk products, such as silk bedding and a silk blanket, sheet, or pillowcase.

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Where can I find the best bed blanket for both winter and summer sleeping?

The idea of producing silk bedding is really interesting because it doesn't have to be just beautiful, but the silk bedding also has to be comfortable. There are some healthy standards for bedding products to meet the quality of sleep, especially for children, as they need more sleep than adults. The best bedding product has to be smooth and clean, and the most important is its ability to adapt to different temperatures and humidity levels. For this reason, some people tend to own different bedding products that they can use differently according to the season. Usually, using a blanket while sleeping is not only for warmth but also to give comfort, even when the weather is not cold.

Having a variety of bedding products is a good idea, but it can also be inconvenient, especially for those who don't have enough storage space to keep all of those beddings. There must be a blanket that can be used in both summer and winter. And the blanket that almost meets that criteria is the silk blanket.

A silk blanket ensures you have an undisturbed sleep in cold or warm weather. This silk blanket can adjust to body temperature because of its natural moisture-wicking abilities and is also breathable. For those who sweat at night or experience hot flushes, the silk fiber creates air pockets, which means that sweat evaporates into the air and keeps you cool and comfortable as you sleep. And when the weather is cold, the silk blanket becomes warm as it is designed to keep the air flowing more freely and thus regulate your body heat.

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What are the health benefits of a silk blanket?

A silk blanket, or silk in general, always has the stereotype of being luxurious and expensive. Though it is luxurious, think again if silk is expensive. Compared with other materials, silk might seem to have a little higher price, but with all the advantages it offers, you may start thinking it is worth the price.

Not only do they look beautiful and stylish, but silks are also comfortable, and the most important thing is that they offer health benefits as below:


Real Mulberry silk fibers are coated with a sericin protein that allows the silk to resist mold, fungus, bacteria, and dust mites. A silk blanket is the best choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies because it is healthy, safe, and odorless. Other materials, such as cotton, can irritate your skin more if you suffer from sunburn, rashes, or when your skin is chafed. Silk is the best choice because it gives your skin a chance to breathe and heal, especially if you have shingles, dry skin, or eczema.


    Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers, and since it is natural, it does not shed microplastics while in the wash. Though silk is thin and lightweight, it is extremely strong and can be compared to steel thread with the same thickness. Silk also has great elasticity and resilience. If taken care of the right way, Mulberry silk can last for up to ten years and more.

    3.No chemical exposure

      Unlike cotton, which is usually treated with harsh chemicals to make it smooth, pure silk is the contrary. Silk cannot be treated with chemicals as it will ruin the fabric's texture. No insecticides or pesticides are used as well when producing silk as it comes from silkworms.

      4.Maintain your beauty

        Silks, especially silk blankets and sheets, give the true meaning of 'beauty sleep'. When you sleep on a silk blanket, there is no pressure or pulling that can wrinkle your skin. The pulling and pressure that occurs frequently in other materials can result in a permanent wrinkle. Mulberry silk soothes skin instead with its soft, smooth texture. It also helps maintain your skin's natural moisture because it does not absorb any cream or lotion like other materials. You can achieve better-moisturized skin while you sleep due to the amino acids in the silk.

        THXSILK blankets are 100% pure silk that cater to your needs.

        THXSILK blankets come in various colors and patterns, allowing you to find one that suits your taste, style, and needs. Our Mulberry silk blankets are also available in a variety of sizes and weights to perfectly fit your bed or bedroom décor. Children can also enjoy our silk blankets because they offer a cozy and warm sleep experience. Parents find that silk blankets help their children to fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and reduce any disturbance that might occur, such as the temptation to cry or discomfort, because silk blankets are cold when the weather is hot and warm when the weather is cold. Children also love it because the material is extremely soft and gentle on the skin.

        Pampering yourself or giving our silk blankets as gifts is a fantastic idea because everybody will use the blankets. Not only do you use it at home, but because the material is lightweight, you can bring it anywhere. For couples, buy a pair of our THXSILK Mulberry Silk blankets to prevent you from fighting over our soft, luxurious blankets. Get your children our fun design of silk blankets with cherry prints, elephants, rabbits, or small wild animals to keep it cheerful in the bedroom. When the temperature drops but you are at the office, keeping a silk blanket is a great idea because it blends in well with the elegant plain pattern or a soft floral print that still looks professional while protecting your body from the cold temperature. Keep several blankets around the house, such as in the living room while watching movies or taking a relaxing nap while swinging on your hammock.

        Starting from USD 69.99 to USD 439.99, THXSILK Mulberry Silk blankets give you the freedom to choose according to your budget. We also have the option of installment payments, allowing you to pay us in four interest-free payments.

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