Know Your Silk: 8 Types of Silk Fabrics You Probably Have Never Heard Of

Silk is one of the most famous natural fibers made from insects. Some insects which produce silk are honey bees, bumble bees, beetles, and many more. Silk comes from China. At that time, silk is used in the child’s womb to wrap the body. Silk is well-known for its characteristic, which is lightweight, shiny, strong, and soft.

silk pillowcase

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Types of silk fabrics.

Have you ever thought there are various types of silk fabric in this world? The fact is not all the silk that you see at the market are the same types. In this article, we will tell you (numbers) types of silk fabric and their unique characteristics.

  1. First is Charmeuse. It is also similar to satin, but it has a soft and shiny finish at the front and a dull finish at the back. Charmeuse will make a perfect fabric for producing dresses, scarves, lingerie, and blouses.
  2. The second is Chiffon. Chiffon silk is very lightweight, sheer, and a bit stretchy. This means the type of silk is semi-transparent. Chiffon silk is mainly used for producing nightgowns or evening wear. Since it is a semi-transparent fabric, it is also used as a top layer for a dress.
  3. Third one is Crêpe-de-chine. The finish of this silk is similar to velvet, or it is a muted luster texture. There are two types of Crêpe-de-chine, Moroccan Crêpe and Crêpe georgette. Moroccan Crêpe has a woven and heavy texture. Meanwhile, the Crêpe georgette is a lightweight, dull and matte finish.
  4. Fourth is Dupioni silk is a plain weave silk fabric. Dupioni is woven with different colors through the warp and weft, known as shot silk. This technique gives an iridescent effect on the silk. This silk is mostly used for producing dresses, jackets, and evening wear.
  5. Fifth is Georgette. Georgette is quite similar to Chiffon, but Georgette is a heavier fabric. It is also a plain weave fabric but with a coarse texture. Blouses, dresses, and scarves are products made from Georgette silk.
  6. Sixth is Habotai. Like most types of silk, habotai is also a plain weave fabric, but it has a glossy finish. It was mostly made for scarves, blouses, and lingerie.
  7. Seventh is Organza. Organza has a stiff and crisp texture, so it is suitable for producing veils, collars, and evening wear.
  8. Last is silk satin. Silk satin also has a shiny and soft finish. Similar to other types of silk, satin also has a soft texture on one side and duller on the other. One thing about satin is that it does not wrinkle as easily as the other fabrics. Silk satin is suitable for producing dresses, upholstery, and bed sheets.
silk blanket
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What can we do with silk fabric?

Moreover, there are several uses of silk. The first one is bridal and formal wear. Those types of silk show us that most of them could be a perfect choice for producing gowns and dresses because silk’s yarn could create a luminous and beautiful appearance. The second one is for producing ties and scarves. Since it has tight woven patterns, rich color, and durable material, it is very suitable for ties and scarves. The last one is for bedding. Silk sheet is a perfect choice for bedding because of their softness. It will make sleep quality way better.

The advantages of silk bedding and silk blanket

Furthermore, having silk products on your bed will give you more than just a comfortable sleep time. There are several benefits of silk for bedding.

  1. Firstly, the use of silk as a pillow cover to prevent wrinkles; for example, after getting out of bed, people might see a pattern from the crumpled pillowcases on their faces. After some time, the wrinkle will disappear, but then if it happens every day, it could make a permanent wrinkle. But with sheet bedding, its softness helps to soothe the skin. Since it is very lightweight and has a smooth texture, the silk pillow cover will also help people with sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, eczema, or any other sensitive skin condition.
  2. Smoother and healthier hair. Since silk is smoother than other fabrics, it will reduce the friction of any tossing and turning while we sleep. So this will avoid bad hair conditions, for example, frizzy hair, hair fall, and tangled hair.
  3. Good temperature and humidity control. Silk blankets and sheets could keep the right temperature. A silk blanket and sheet are an effective way to stay comfortable in bed because it has a breathable fabric and moisture-repelling properties. It will remain cool and dry so that it will avoid overheating. Also, for women who use skincare right before sleep, silk fabric is the best option to sleep on as they will not absorb the skincare product, so the skincare itself will fully absorb into the skin.

So, we know that any skin and hair problems could be decreased using silk as a bedsheet or silk blanket. It will also help your skincare night routine to give more effective results as the skincare product will stay still on your face and will not be absorbed by the sheet. Because of the luxurious feel and the temperature consistency, silk bedding will improve sleep quality. Silk bedding will be the best solution when you have skin and hair problems such as hair fall, greasy hair, acne, and dehydrated skin.

If you have ever wondered what is the best silk product? Our option goes to Thxsilk. Thxsilk is one of the brands that introduced silk for bedding and sleeping attire. Do not worry about the quality and the beautiful appearance because Thxsilk always uses the best quality of silk and comes with a trendy luxurious design. It will be the best investment with all the advantages of silk for silk bedding.


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