What are Affordable Alternatives to Silk Pillowcases?

Gone are the days when people just slept, laid their heads on whatever, and hoped for the best. These days, people take sleep more seriously and constantly look for ways to upgrade their experience.

One of the best and easiest ways to upgrade your sleep every night is to switch from whatever type of pillowcase you’re currently using to silk pillowcases. Known for their luxurious feel and benefits for your skin and hair, pure silk pillowcases have become the epitome of sleeping in luxury and style.

The thing about silk pillowcases, though, is that they can be quite pricey for some. This is especially true for pure silk pillowcases made from mulberry silk, the highest quality silk in the world, made from silkworm caterpillars that feed on white mulberry leaves.

Thankfully, you can go for many alternatives to improve your sleep quality without spending as much. Of course, it won’t be the same as using a silk pillowcase, but it’ll help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Check these out.

Satin Pillowcases 

People looking for a more budget-friendly alternative to silk pillowcases often choose to go with satin ones. Some satin fabrics are made of nylon or polyester, while others are made with silk fiber as well. This makes satin pillowcases the next best option to silk for those who are looking for something a little more affordable that looks almost as luxurious.

When it comes to benefits, high-end satin pillowcases come pretty close to silk pillowcases as well. Satin pillowcases have a smooth surface as well, just like silk, so they’re less likely to cause wrinkles and hair damage. As a matter of fact, it can help keep frizz at bay, too, just like silk.

At a glance, you might notice that satin pillowcases look similar to silk. They have a similar sheen that gives off that fancy vibe. It also has a similar texture that’s smooth to the touch. If you’re looking for a luxurious addition to your bed that won’t break the bank, this might just be the one for you.

You should know, though, that not all satin pillowcases are created equal. Cheap satin pillowcases are easy to tell apart from silk. They have more of a gloss than a sheen. The back of the fabric is dull because it is woven, and it's not as soft as real silk. If you want to pull off the look of silk without spending too much, go for messaline or baronet satin pillowcases instead.

Microfiber Pillowcases

Microfiber pillowcases also work as a great alternative to silk pillowcases. This type of fabric is synthetic and made from finely woven polyester fibers. Pillowcases made from microfiber are similar to those made from silk in that they’re both soft and comfortable to use. Unlike silk, which can be pretty delicate, microfiber pillowcases are a lot more durable. Another benefit of using microfiber pillowcases is that they’re wrinkle-resistant, so your bed always looks nice and neat.

The drawback to using microfiber instead of silk pillowcases is that it’s highly absorbent. This means that it has the tendency to draw moisture from your hair and leave it dry overnight. Another one is that microfiber pillowcases can be pretty high-maintenance. You’ll have to wash them separately following very specific washing instructions so they don’t frizz up, shed, or pick up lint from other fabrics.

Bamboo Pillowcases

One of silk's biggest and most popular competitors in the bedding and pillowcase markets is bamboo pillowcases. Made from the pulp of bamboo plants, the bamboo fabric used to make these pillowcases looks and feels almost as soft as satin without the sheen.

Another thing that makes bamboo pillowcases a great alternative to silk is their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. This helps regulate body temperature and keeps you comfortable and dry as you sleep, which is also one of the benefits you get from using a silk pillowcase. Bamboo pillowcases also have antibacterial properties that are great for sensitive skin.

Like satin, bamboo pillowcases are cheaper than silk pillowcases, making them a wonderful alternative for those wanting to level up their sleep without breaking the bank.

Jersey Pillowcases

Most people think of sports uniforms and underwear when they think of jersey fabric. However, aside from these, jersey fabric can also be used to make fantastic pillowcases that can be used as an alternative to pricey silk ones.

Jersey fabric is cool, comfortable, and stretchy. It is also soft, and its texture is smooth and silky. Like real silk, jersey pillowcases are quite beneficial for hair. This is especially true for curly hair, as a jersey pillowcase’s texture can help prevent curly hair from frizzing up, and it also helps prevent split ends from breaking.

Jersey pillowcases feel cool against the skin, providing you with a more pleasant and comfortable sleep. They’re also perfect for people who are looking to level up their sleep quality while still maintaining that simple, casual aesthetic. This is in contrast to the glam and fancy look that silk pillowcases tend to give off.

Cotton Pillowcases

Most homes use cotton pillowcases. This is the most common type of pillowcase you’ll find on the market, and it’s also one of the cheapest. While cotton pillowcases are often considered to be the least luxurious among all other types of pillowcases, there are definitely options for people out there who want something that feels just a wee bit fancier. For example, you could go for a pillowcase set that has a higher thread count if you’re wanting something softer, smoother, and more indulgent on the skin.

The standard thread count for cotton pillowcases can range anywhere from 100 to 150. Premium-quality cotton pillowcases, on the other hand, can have a thread count between 150 and 200. If you want to get the best quality cotton pillowcase, look for one that has a thread count of 200 to 400. Price-wise, it’s going to be more expensive than the average everyday cotton pillowcase but cheaper than pure silk.

Final thoughts

You can choose from many alternatives to silk pillowcases if you feel like switching pillowcases, but you have a limited budget. Of course, if you want the full benefits of silk pillowcases, there’s really no other way than to invest in some of these pieces. Just ensure you’re getting them from a reliable source, like THXSILK. We offer a wide range of affordable silk pillowcases starting at $25.99. These pillowcases come in various colors and patterns for your choice. This way, you can experience all the benefits a silk pillowcase can provide for your hair and skin health. You will be assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

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