Do silk pillowcases help with oily hair?

You might normally wash your hair once every two days or maybe once every three days, it all depends on how often your hair gets oily, and if it needs to be washed every day that's really annoying because the more often you wash your hair, the faster it gets oily. You may want to change shampoos to fix the problem, but over time, you realize that this actually makes it worse. Thankfully, you don't have to keep changing shampoos to slow down the rate of hair oil, That is to replace your cotton or polyester pillowcase with a silk pillowcase.

No kidding, although it seems a bit counter-intuitive, Many articles are written about how silk is helpful in retaining moisture in the hair, you may be wondering if it is true that it both retains moisture and can help keep the hair from being oily, In this article, we explain why silk pillowcases can relieve oily or greasy hair.

Why is my hair so oily?Why mulberry silk pillowcases can help stop oily hair?

To be able to better explain why silk pillowcases can help keep your hair from getting oily. First of all, we need to know why your hair gets oily very quickly. There are a number of reasons that can cause your scalp to produce more oil than your skin does. here are a few pieces of information you can check for yourself to see if you can correspond, The first is that excessive hair washing can strip your scalp, making it appear dry and devoid of natural oils. The sebaceous glands are thus stimulated to overproduce, which leads your hair to produce oil faster. The second is that the shampoo itself you use may be silicone- or oil-based, which will naturally lead to greasier-looking hair and scalp. There is also a possibility that your own stress is too much, and the mood will lead to changes in the state of your skin.

so why mulberry silk pillowcases can help stop oily hair

In actuality, silk sleeping accouterments like scarves, headbands, and pillowcases work quite magically. If you sleep with a headscarf, bonnet, or pillowcase made of silk or satin, your hair will slip around as you toss and turn. According to Mika Bland, co-founder of the hair care company and hair stylist, silk and satin keep friction from causing hair to strain, tug, stretch, break, and tangle, and the silky materials assist preserve the hair's natural oils.

Silk pillowcases are beneficial for greasy hair as well as for wrinkles and fine lines. Ordinary cotton pillowcases absorb your skin's oil and cause it to accumulate in the fibers. This is why it's possible that your hair gets greasy than usual overnight.

silk pillowcase

Other benefits of mulberry silk pillowcase for oily hair

In addition to these magical magic-like benefits, there are many other benefits of silk pillowcases, so read on.

Reducing friction

We exert pressure and friction on the fabric when we sleep, which can cause creases and make wrinkles appear more prominent. This friction can be reduced by as much as 43% by sleeping on silk!

Helps hair retain moisture

Pillowcases made of natural 100% silk are less absorbent. Your skin and hair will therefore retain more moisture as a result of your pillowcase not stealing it away.


Silk is a permeable material that naturally assists in controlling body temperature. Silk blankets serve as a natural insulator and wick away moisture.

How to choose the best silk pillowcase for your hair?

How should I pick my silk pillowcase? The most significant characteristics of a silk pillowcase are its momme count, silk quality, kind of weave, and OEKO-TEXT Certification. For proper cleaning and practical usage, check the care instructions and other features, such as enclosure type and case size.

Ensure that any pillowcases you purchase are made entirely of mulberry silk. Due to the rising popularity of silk, several retailers attempt to pass off polyester satin pillowcases or even inferior silk blends as genuine silk. Read this article to understand how to spot fake silk and real silk, as well as what to look for when purchasing silk pillowcases.

Know the Brand: Check one brand that suit you 

Perhaps you ought to take a closer look at the THXSILK pillowcase. One of our customers' preferred silk pillowcases to sleep on is the THXSILK 30mm mulberry silk pillowcase because it felt the plushest and most substantial of the tested pillowcases.

The best silk pillowcase grade is 30momme. It has all the qualities you look for in a silk pillowcase, is comfortable to sleep on, and prevents frizz in our thick, coarse, and naturally wavy hair. It instantly relieves hair of greasiness and other issues. Because it can be machine washed, this pillowcase is very simple to maintain. Three washes later, it still looks the same, has no snags or loose threads, and feels just as silky and soft as it did when it was first used.

THXSILK: The Best Pillowcases for Oily Hair or Skin

THXSILK offers a variety of silk pillowcases in different sizes, colors, and weights (19, 22, 25, and 30 momme), as well as matching silk bed sheets and silk duvet covers if you'd prefer. We take great pride in the high-caliber silk bedding we manufacture.

Materials Grade 6A Mulberry Charmeuse Silk
Price $15-$46


3-5 day ship FREE


Momme 16MM,19MM, 22MM, 25MM, 30MM
Silk Quality OEKO-TEX® Certified
Closure Type Zipper , Envelope & Sham Pillowcase
Other Products Pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, shams, crib/toddler sheets, toddler pillowcases, travel, and hair accessories, eye pillows, sleep masks, silk sleepwear, comforters
Manufacturing THXSILK'S in-house manufacturing facility monitors every aspect of production for the highest quality assurance
customer Service Email,Live Chat, speak to design team for help and suggestions 

Shipped locally in the USA
Color 10 colors




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