July 17, 2018

Silk has long silk and short silk points. Short silk is made with some inferior thin cocoon processing, the quality is very poor, so only the long silk processing silk quilt is the high quality silk quilt. So how to distinguish when choosing a quilt? Generally speaking, there will be a tag on the quilt, the tag must be long silk or short silk, these information are all above.

To buy silk is to pay attention to some details.

And also want the main silk content is how much.
High quality silk is manually positioned rather than quilted. Silk is all manual positioning, as shown in the following figure, with a few small flowers on the positioning.
This quilt has a life span of more than 10 years.

The silk is all hand-positioned
Manual positioning
Silk is fluffy and evenly
Craft good silk quilt, silk pull more evenly, also relatively fluffy.
Because silk is in processing, need at least two people to the silk elongated, pull evenly, finally pull into a net, so the strength master is more important.

The silk which is made by the choice is more fit to the human skin than the silk produced by the machine.
Fluffy evenly
Silk was even without a lump of silk
Because the quality of silk is a good cocoon production, so the quality of the cocoon out of the silk is also high-quality, from the quality of the silk this angle tells you two methods: (1) Use the finger to pull the silk, see can pull break, see stick not stick hand?
Can be broken, not sticky hands are false.
(2) The silk on the palm between the rub, attention, at this time the quality of the silk is a small lump, inferior silk has a lot of small knots.

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