July 16, 2018

Silk is a natural fiber that is recognized as a soft and healthy indicator in the world and is very suitable for human "sleep engineering". It is made of 100% silk as a hand-made silk quilt. It has the characteristics of body and comfort, helping you in the shortest. Sweet dreams in time. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can exude a subtle molecule called "hypnotic factor", which can make the human nerves in a more stable state, so the cover of handmade silk is able to calm and promote sleep.

The operation link of silk quilt by hand

The production process of handmade silk quilts can be divided into 6 parts.
The silkworm cocoons are placed on the baking car layer by layer, and then the roasting car is baked in the baking room. The purpose is to roast the cocoons and dry them to prevent the silkworm cocoons from contaminating the cocoons. The temperature of this barn is well controlled, otherwise it is easy for the cocoon to suddenly burst and pollute the cocoon.
Hand provocation
When making silk silk quilts, you should choose the spring silkworm Shuanggong, because the spring mulberry leaves are tender, and the silk made is smoother. Shuanggong茧 refers to the cockroach with two or more cocoons in the scorpion. It can not be smashed, but it is the best product for making silk quilts.

Put the fresh oysters into a special boiled casserole and boil them. After cooking, immerse them in clear water. This is a process of degreasing in the clear water. Most of the surface layer of the sericin falls off and the weight of the silk is removed. Cut in half. After the degreasing, the silk is not easily knotted, and the degree of refurbishment can be avoided.
Use the nails to peel off the silkworm cocoons and then pull out the silkworm cocoons in the clams, and spread the silkworm cocoons loosely and loosely on the hands. When they are stacked to the 5-6 layers, remove them and gently pull them into square silk pieces to expand. Bag type. Putting the above silk pieces on a bow-shaped bamboo tool, it becomes a wet silk cotton pocket (we call it silkworm cotton pocket).
Fluffy cotton pocket
Dehydrate the cotton bag and dry it one by one to make it easy to cool.

Sun drying
Use a damp machine to remove the moisture from the wet silk cotton bag, and then use a nylon thread to string it up and get it under the sun. After drying, it will become a cotton pocket that is only "small as jade" and semi-circular.
First, a sun-dried semi-circular cotton pocket is opened, and a gap is pulled into a cotton sheet. Then the four people face each other and pull the four ends of the cotton sheet. This strength is easy to say. Not easy. It must be in accordance with the density requirements, not strong or weak, not rushing. As long as it is "soft as thin as paper", "Ying Jie as jade" soft and smudges can be considered, this step is very time-consuming, the test is our endurance, generally 35 or so silk cotton pocket can pull 1 kg Being born.
Turn over
Firstly, the soft and delicate silk thread is stacked on top of each other to be cored, and then the whole cotton and silk are used as the quilt or quilt cover. When the core is put into the quilt, the inner circumference is fixed and fixed. After turning over, the surface should be properly positioned to ensure that the silk is not slid and deformed.
Manual positioning
The silk and the quilt are fixed together to prevent the silk from sliding inside the biliary, so that a bed of silk is completed.
The machine is pursuing efficiency, so it is mass production, but once mass production is faced with flaws in detail, this is an inevitable problem.

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