Do people still use silk sheets?

There are many reasons for poor sleep quality, like many external factors such as noise, lights outside the window, magnetic fields of the universe, etc. are factors that affect sleep, but there are also many internal factors that can lead to poor sleep quality, such as your own stress or illnesses such as insomnia. But there is also a very important factor is that the bedding in our room can affect the time you sleep and the quality of sleep.

If you have a sleep disorder, it is necessary to make some appropriate adjustments to help you sleep, because the only way to get into a deep sleep is the key to good health, and deep sleep allows your body to secrete melatonin.

Sleep experts have repeatedly suggested that a drop in body temperature is a key factor in deep sleep, so bedding largely determines whether or not you can get into a deep sleep, as bedding can determine your body temperature. So if you feel that you are too hot to sleep, silk sheets knock can make a good choice that can help you.

Many hot sleepers and insomniacs have begun to consistently use silk sheets and silk pillowcases to regulate the quality of their sleep, and it has turned into the most desirable choice for many types of insomniacs because silk has good breathability and transferability, which can help our body automatically regulate its temperature!

Many consumers will confuse silk with satin or Tencel when , for silk sheets, but in reality, silk and satin are not a fabric at all, satin is a man-made fabric, it is just an alternative to silk, and although it is cheaper, it doesn't achieve the effect of silk at all. Satin, although it has some similarities to silk in feel, is not up to the standard of body temperature reduction, so satin sheets are hardly up to the task of helping you achieve deep sleep.

Sleep experts in the United States recommend that silk sheets should be purchased 100% mulberry silk sheets, and when picking the number of momme, choose the higher the number of momme the better the silk sheets, most merchants will sell 19 momme , 22 momme, 25 momme, 30 momme silk sheets, if you do not understand what the momme is also does not matter, picking the skill is also very simple,  choose the silk sheets with high momme number, the bigger the number, the stronger and more durable it is.

In addition to the details of the product itself, there are also product symbols to look for, such as the Oek-Tex Standard certification, which represents a standard of textile health and environmental friendliness and promotes antimicrobial properties.

Some people who don't choose to use silk bedding may not try it because they're worried that silk is fragile, not very easy to care for, and expensive, but silk sheets can last a long time as long as you follow these principles.

If there is time and conditions allow the case, try to use hand-washing way to clean silk sheets, at the same time, in fact, silk sheets can be used to wash the way to clean the machine, you can put the silk sheets into a non-woven cleaning bag, many merchants will be presented with this cleaning bag, such as THXSILK, washing machine to clean silk sheets, it is recommended that the use of lukewarm water, the use of special cleaning solution for silk bedding, and will be adjusting the washing machine to the silk cleaning mode, or gentle cleaning mode, if you want to know the details of the silk sheets cleaning steps, you can also visit the writing of the article of the silk bed sheets cleaning tips! When drying silk sheets, please also use low temperature drying, or put it in a cool place to let it dry naturally.

So silk lovers will still insist on the use of silk sheets, because silk sheets can improve sleep, but also beauty skin, hair protection, I believe that as long as you have tried the silk sheets of people are very difficult to go to the use of other materials of the bed sheet. In order to facilitate the first time to try to be able to choose faster for their own silk sheets, I mention that you have organized a variety of silk sheets can choose.

100% Silk Sheets Recommended

19 Momme Silk Flat Sheet

 19 momme silk flat sheet

This is a 19 momme silk sheet from a very famous brand, THXSILK, the brand was established in 2014, the brand is loved by many silk lovers because of its good quality and affordable price, I personally purchased the brand's products for the fabric test, and I can be sure that all of the brand's products are made of 100% Mulberry Silk and have passed the Oeko-Tex certification, and the silk is also 19 momme thickness of mulberry silk, this silk sheet can be laid on the bed, but also in the summer as a close quilt cover on the body, this silk quilt and 10 colors, four sizes to choose from, I viewed the products of other brands, very few sizes to choose from can be so comprehensive.

22 Momme Silk Flat Sheet

 22 Momme Silk  Sheet

The quality of this sheet is better than the 19 momme silk sheet because it is a 22 momme silk sheet, and likewise the price is slightly more expensive, this silk sheet is available in 7 colors, so you are sure to find the size you want, and this silk sheet also meets a few of the requirements for picking out silk sheets that we have mentioned as well!

25 Momme Silk Sheet

 25 momme silk sheet

If there are grades of silk sheets, this 25 momme silk sheet has to be the highest, this luxurious silk sheet is made from 25 momme silk that is as silky as milk and has a diamond-like shine. These attractive silk sheets will help you regulate the temperature of your sleep, and the silk also has antibacterial and anti-mite properties, is very durable, and at 25 momme thick can be machine washed with confidence and will last longer! If you want to find more information on measuring the goodness of silk sheets and have an idea of what you want to buy, you can read in detail The 15 best silk sheets of 2024