10 Things to Consider While Buying Silk Sheets

In the world of fabric, it would not be wrong to say that pure silk is one of the most comfortable and luxurious fabrics. There are several reasons for their popularity, including health benefits, skin and hair benefits, and the most prominent of all is the comfort provided by silk. For these reasons, it is widely used in making bed sheets and bed covers so that people can have a good night's sleep without the fear of any dust, mold, or fungus.

Many people, when buying silk sheets, get overwhelmed by the choices available at the market. More often than not, people who are buying silk sheets for the first time get scammed and buy fake silk. Retailers often sell silk sheets at extremely different prices, which could easily get the customer confused and push them towards making the wrong decision.

Worry not! In this article, we will explore how to pick out real, pure silk. It will also delve into the 10 most important factors that you should consider while shopping for pure silk sheets. So, read the article till the very end to transform your sleeping experience into a peaceful escape.

Following are 10 of the most important things that you need to check while buying silk sheets so that you can get fair value for your money:

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1. Make Sure You’re Buying Pure Silk

When buying silk sheets, the very first thing to do is check out what the tag says about the product. It should be labelled 100% pure silk, 100% real silk, or 100% real mulberry silk, or it's not real silk, it's some other material. Another key difference between real and fake silk sheets is their price.

The real silk sheet will have a much higher value than bamboo, satin, or other man-made fabrics. You will be able to get fake silk for under $100, but pure silk is very expensive and can cost you hundreds of dollars. Last but not least, buy from trusted buyers and recognized manufacturers of silk that are trustworthy and well-reputed.

2. Pick Out the Highest Quality Silk

Among all silk types, the finest and highest quality silk is the mulberry silk extracted from the Bombyx mori moth, which feeds on the mulberry leaves, hence the name. No other variety can compare to its softness and level of comfortability that it provides because the threads of mulberry silk are much stronger, smoother, and more consistently colored in comparison to other varieties.

The silk fabric comes in different qualities and they are marked according to their quality type with the letters A, B, and C. A is considered the highest quality, and C is the lowest. You can tell grade-A silk by its pearly white color, it is long-stranded and can stretch a long distance without breaking or getting damaged. The letter grade is further segregated by numbers, so grade A comes in different variations that are marked like A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A. Unlike in letters, the 6A is considered the most premium-quality silk. So, get the silk sheets that are labeled 6A 100% pure silk.

3. Weight of Silk Sheets

Silk can be heavy or light depending on its weave type and thread count, similar to cotton. The weight of these silk fabrics is measured in a unit known as a momme, or mm if abbreviated. If a silk sheet has a higher number of mommes, it means that it's made up of a thicker yarn and that its weave is dense and heavy. This adjustment of the weave pattern and the thread count is made to control the weight of the fabric at the time of production, when it's still in the factory.

A silk fabric that weighs 20 momme or less is considered to be lightweight silk. Medium-weight silk that is neither considered heavy nor light can weigh anywhere from twenty-two to twenty-eight mommes. As for heavy-weight silk fabric, the measurement is 28mm or above. When deciding what momme silk to buy, remember that a higher momme is always better than a lower one. But don't buy a silk sheet whose mm is higher than 30 and lighter than 19, as they are not appropriate for bedsheets.    

4. Only Buy Tested and Approved Silk

Nobody wants to purchase bedsheets that are harmful and contain toxins and other dangerous chemicals. So, to avoid the hassle altogether, all you have to do is look for products that have been tested by trustworthy and independent organizations.

Buy silk products that are certified with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 mark, which is a standard screening, testing, and accreditation program for injurious elements in consumer textiles that is recognized and trusted globally. This means that the particular product is safe to use and is free of harmful chemicals, irritants, and other toxins if you see this mark.

5. Carefully Select Design Patterns and Details

The detailing and patterns are the real game changers when it comes to silk sheets. These things make or break the comfort of the luxurious silk sheets, so pay close attention to them. For the bed sheets, always go for a seamless style because they provide ultimate comfort and look aesthetically pleasing. Buy a size that fits your bed like a glove and shows the perfect fall on the sides. Look for sheets that are fully elasticized as well as properly labeled.

Furthermore, at least a single pillow cover comes with the silk sheets, if not two. Stay away from zip closures, as they don't give a very premium look. Instead, look for envelopes with seamless fabric closures that look much more elegant.

6. Depth, Color, and Size

Size and depth are the most important elements to look for when shopping for silk sheets. For the sheets to perfectly fit your mattress, as perfectly fitted sheets look the best, make sure you measure it correctly beforehand with a measuring tape.

When talking about silk pillowcases, you will get the pillow size according to the size of the bedsheet. If you want to purchase the pillow covers separately, make sure to check the size labeled on the tag to avoid making the wrong decision.

Last but not least, it all comes down to the color choice. The most favorite and popular colors are off-white, cream, beige, ivory, rose gold, and white. But as these colors are light, stains can be hard to wash off and will be very prominent on them. If you have children or like to have breakfast in bed, then you should opt for darker colors.

7. Purchase Silk that is Easy to Maintain

Silk fabric is usually really easy to take care of. When shopping for silk, ensure it is machine washable. Also, it is better to read a guideline before washing your silk. Use a premium detergent specially formulated for silk fabric. After washing, do not hang the sheet in direct sunlight to dry out; instead, hang it in a shady, airy area. After it gets dry, lightly iron or smooth it out by hand.

8. Stay Within the Budget

Budget should be on your list of points that will help you buy the right silk sheet for yourself. Before coming to any conclusion, search for different types of silks and compare their prices from different buyers. Also carefully look at what items are included in the packaging, for example, pillow covers, top sheets, flat sheets, etc.

9. Buy from Reputed Brands and Check Reviews

Silk is a luxury fabric that is quite expensive to produce. So, there are very few manufacturers that produce and sell 100% pure mulberry silk. When choosing your seller, compare prices, read reviews from other customers and their experience with the product; do they sell fake or real silk; and check if their orders get cancelled often, and if so, what is the reason?

Look at their packaging and decide if it's basic or luxurious, according to the luxury item you are buying. You can also ask the seller some questions about their product. Notice if they are being transparent about it or giving vague answers.

10. Shipping, Exchange, Return, and Customer Care Services

While buying silk sheets, make sure to look for any hidden charges or even a large amount of shipping costs. A large shipping amount can break your deal. It is better to buy from buyers who offer the option of free shipping. A transparent and reputable seller will always stand behind its merchandise and have an open exchange and return policy for the ease as well as the satisfaction of their customers.

Finally, look to see if they have an active customer care service that is ready to assist and help their customers with their problems and queries about the product. If you are satisfied with all of these, it means that you have found the right seller.

Bottom Line

Remember that your bed is your sanctuary, your safe haven, and these high-quality silk sheets will enhance the quality of your sleep to the highest degree. So, this journey of buying silk sheets is not one to be taken lightly, as it will determine the level of your relaxation. From the weight of your silk sheets to their size and depth, each element plays a vital role in shaping your experience. When you look at the bigger picture, this investment is not only for your bed but also for your health, so there is no room for compromise. Making an informed decision about your silk sheets can turn your sleepless nights into serene slumbers!  If you want to find more information on how to measure the good and the bad of silk sheets, and if you want to buy them, you can read this article called The 15 best silk sheets of 2023, which analyzes in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of sheets and recommends a lot of reliable products. You can find all the answers you need in this article.

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