5 Reasons Why Silk Pillowcases Help with Allergies

Dust, humidity, pollen ...... Are you plagued by rough, itchy, sensitive and uncomfortable skin this time of year? It is very unhappy to look at the state of your skin in the mirror every day. In addition to heading to the hospital to see a doctor, you should also look for the source of your allergies. During humid warm weather, if the pillowcase is not frequently changed, it is likely to become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites. This can lead to allergic reactions and other inflammatory diseases, and in the most extreme cases, respiratory infections.

silk pillowcase

Then how to effectively alleviate the problem? First of all, the choice of pillowcase fabric should be a little more careful, silk is a good choice, because silk gel composition can effectively prevent mites and mold breeding capacity, antibacterial skin-friendly role. After THXSILK's silk products were launched on the website, all kinds of silk pillowcases are also very popular. So many people may have questions, why silk pillowcase can can help allergies, the following are five reasons summarized by fabric experts.

1. Small coefficient of friction

    Pillowcases made of silk into the fabric have a smooth surface and the smallest coefficient of friction of all natural fibers, only 7.4%. A good silk pillowcase can help reduce the generation of wrinkles on the face. For example, like the skin is already fragile, thin stratum corneum, or prone to allergies, the use of silk pillowcases can also reduce sleep tossing and turning to bring harm to the skin

    2. High protein content

      Silk fiber in the protein content of up to 97%, containing 18 kinds of amino acid composition similar to human skin, of which 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body, can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, nourishing the skin. Use the skin care products, sleep in the silk pillowcase for a sweet 'beauty sleep', the whole night is to the skin nutrition.

      People who have used silk pillowcases know that silk pillowcases are also very friendly to 'hair frizzy' ladies, hair frizzy people in the use of silk pillowcases, no longer wake up hair frizzy experience. Also not easy to knot, long-term use, hair loss and frizz can be improved.

      3. Smooth texture

        Most pillowcases are made of cotton or microfiber, but you can also buy silk or satin pillowcases, both of which have a smoother texture than cotton and microfiber and can help improve hair or skin. According to the manufacturer Thxsilk, satin pillowcases are cheaper than silk because satin satin is usually made of polyester, similar in texture to silk, but less breathable and can be made of a variety of different fibers that are woven in a certain way to give the satin a 'shiny' feel and effect

        4. Skin-friendly

          Silk contains silk protein, the whole fabric is weakly acidic, our skin is also weakly acidic, so there is no dry irritation in contact with the feeling, the feeling will be very comfortable.

          5. Moisture absorption and breathable

            Speaking of which, we all surely feel that silk pillowcase is something that only women like, in fact, it is not, people who sleep easily and sweat should change to silk pillowcase. Silk fiber moisture absorption and moisture release can be 1.5 times and 2 times of cotton products, respectively, is porous structure, moisture absorption and breathable, to ensure that the heat, humidity and temperature during sleep, winter warmth and summer cool, very comfortable.

            6. Inhibit the breeding of mites and reduce the chances of allergies

              Silk pillowcases significantly reduce the symptoms of allergies. Because it is naturally pure and tightly woven, silk can repel dust mites, dust, pollen and other airborne allergens. The material itself has a structure that makes it more difficult for mites to thrive and other allergens to be present, making it ideal for people with seasonal or year-round allergies.

              silk pillowcase

              Silk pillowcases have these many advantages but it is also important to pay attention to the frequency of cleaning, try to replace them once a week and wash them in cold water to protect the life of the silk pillowcase.

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