19 Momme Silk Flat Sheet

Color :
Pearl White
Charming Pink
Metallic Gold
Emerald Green
Size :
Material :
19 Momme Silk Flat Sheet
Pearl White / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Pearl White / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Pearl White / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Pearl White / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Grey / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Grey / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Grey / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Grey / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Champagne / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Champagne / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Champagne / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Champagne / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Charcoal / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Charcoal / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Charcoal / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Charcoal / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Black / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Black / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Black / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Black / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Charming Pink / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Charming Pink / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Charming Pink / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Charming Pink / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Metallic Gold / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Purple / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Purple / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Purple / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Purple / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Emerald Green / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Emerald Green / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Emerald Green / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Emerald Green / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
Red / Twin(66"x96") / Silk
Red / Full(81"x96") / Silk
Red / Queen(90"x102") / Silk
Red / King/Cal.King(108"x102") / Silk
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Our 19 momme flat sheet can help your bed feels cool and dry in summer and never feels soggy in winter. If you're ready to buy a set of 19 momme silk sheets, consider this one, made from 100% 19 momme silk fabric. It's made by THXSILK, an ultra-competitive silk bedding brand created by a factory specializing in silk. It's made from 450-thread-count and Oeko-Tex certified silk fabric, set in a total of 10 versatile colors to choose from. The first thing you think of when you get it in your hand is light, shiny, smooth and cool to the touch.Silk sheets are the works of art of the sheet class, with their platonic, high-end quality. THXSILK designs silk sheets in basic, classic colors that can be matched up with any bedroom decor.

Silk sheets are a popular choice for many interior designers, and many famous movie scenes that want to express luxury will have the bedding in their bedrooms upholstered in silk bedding sets. There are four sizes of this silk sheet to choose from, so you can select the size of the sheet in advance by following the size alerts in the size chart. Another advantage of buying silk sheets piecemeal is that you have the freedom to mix and match the color of the sheets and pillowcases as you see fit. The brand also sells silk pillowcases in a variety of colors and at a great price point.

Of course the grade of silk sheets is based on momme units, the higher the grade, the higher the momme count of mulberry silk. Silk sheets are great for helping you fall asleep in the summer months and have been voted the best sheets for hot sleepers by many reputable websites. 19 momme silk sheets are the most cost-effective silk sheets, and the most suitable thread count for silk sheets is 450, which means that the softness of silk is not lost, but does not easily cause tearing problems.

Silk sheets are also an excellent product for the beauty industry because they contain 18 amino acids and proteins, which have a very moisturizing and beautifying effect on the skin. If you're in the habit of using skincare products, silk sheets can help your skin absorb them better. Silk pillowcases have anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties, and silk sheets are ditto for that. Using silk sheets is the equivalent of a nightly beauty spa treatment for your entire body - cozy, sleep-enhancing, and beautifying. The way to take care of silk sheets is to try to use a wash bag to protect silk sheets from friction interference with other materials of clothing, it is best to wash separately to extend the life of silk sheets.

About This Item

  1. Fabric: 19 Momme Mulberry Silk
  2. Thread Count: 450
  3. Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal. king
  4. Free Gift: One Laundry Bag
  5. Color: Charming Pink, Pearl White, Black, Charcoal, Champagne, Grey, Metallic Gold, Emerald Green, Purple, Red

More Benefits

  1. Antibacterial
  2. Wrinkle Prevention
  3. Acne-fighting
  4. Smoother, Healthier Hair
  5. Hydrated Skin

    Are Silk Sheets Worth It?

    Silk bed sheets was not only a symbol of luxury in ancient times, it was also a priceless item that could regulate your sleep!

    When buying something that can have a good impact on your health, it is important to have a long-term view. That said, the advantages of using silk bed linen definitely outweigh its disadvantages.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 181 reviews
    Happy customer

    I've been purchasing from THX for several years now and I'm very happy with all their products. Their products are nice and the prices are not outrageous.
    They also have a lot of nice sale incentives which I really appreciate.
    Thank you. THX

    Branden S.
    Great feel

    Honestly when you kinda hot but kinda cold just have it on your legs and it's soooo smooth

    Perfect for our new bed

    Soft and true to size.

    king sheets

    These are long enough! Great length. Love them.


    Wish it was heavier

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    - P.O. Boxes and Military Addresses (APO, FPO) cannot be delivered.
    -Hand wash is recommended and machine wash is also possible but not multiple times.
    -Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30℃) on most gentle cycle available.
    -Wash different colors and fabric separately.
    -Turn your silk item inside out and place it in a mesh bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers.
    -Use gentle or special detergent for silk.
    -Hang dry without direct sunlight if possible.
    -Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.
    -Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside.
    Note: 7A, 6A, 5A silk comforters aren't included.
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