19 Momme Real Silk Pillowcase

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Light Purple
Light Blue
Pearl White
Charming Pink
Emerald Green
Mint Green
Metallic Gold
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19 Momme Real Silk Pillowcase
King(20"x36") / Light Purple / Silk
King(20"x36") / Light Blue / Silk
King(20"x36") / Champagne / Silk
King(20"x36") / Pearl White / Silk
King(20"x36") / Grey / Silk
King(20"x36") / Charcoal / Silk
King(20"x36") / Charming Pink / Silk
King(20"x36") / Purple / Silk
King(20"x36") / Emerald Green / Silk
King(20"x36") / Mint Green / Silk
King(20"x36") / Taupe / Silk
King(20"x36") / Black / Silk
King(20"x36") / Red / Silk
King(20"x36") / Metallic Gold / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Light Purple / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Light Blue / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Champagne / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Pearl White / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Grey / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Charcoal / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Charming Pink / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Purple / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Emerald Green / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Mint Green / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Taupe / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Black / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Red / Silk
Standard(20"x26") / Metallic Gold / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Light Purple / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Light Blue / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Champagne / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Pearl White / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Grey / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Charcoal / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Charming Pink / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Purple / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Emerald Green / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Mint Green / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Taupe / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Black / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Red / Silk
Queen(20"x30") / Metallic Gold / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Light Purple / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Light Blue / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Champagne / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Pearl White / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Grey / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Charcoal / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Charming Pink / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Purple / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Emerald Green / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Mint Green / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Taupe / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Black / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Red / Silk
Cal King(20"x40") / Metallic Gold / Silk
$65.98 $26.99
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If you are a skincare professional, then you must be looking for one such such silk pillowcase as it maximizes the contact with your facial skin. This King size silk pillowcase is one of THXSILK's popular retail products. In fact, it's one of the softest and most cost-effective pillowcases you'll find. The silk fabric wicks moisture exceptionally well, keeping our faces dry all night long. You only need to sleep on this silk pillowcase one more time to be sure that this well-designed, beautifully colored silk pillowcase is made with 100% pure mulberry silk. This silk pillowcase maintains maximum smoothness and is shrink-resistant for durability!


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Great to sleep on. Always feels cool and refreshing.

Soft and cool to sleep on

Pillow case could be just an inch wider to get on and off of pillow without fighting with pillow

sophia z.

Heaven sent. Absolute luxury! I never want to sleep on anything else. Someone send me a coupon bc I want to order 5 more of these gorgeous beauties! It’s a pain to wash silk pillowcases, but so worth the luxury I get to experience every night at bedtime. Highly recommend!

Best pillowcase ever!

These are comfortable, help keep your hair from getting so messed up during the night, and they also help keep you cool. I love them

Susan G.
very smooth

This product is very smooth and soft. It feels like real silk. I wash mine in a mesh bag on gentle cycle and it has held up well. My king size pillow fits well inside the pillow case. My hair is not tangled in the mornings. I am impressed.

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-Hand wash is recommended and machine wash is also possible but not multiple times.
-Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30℃) on most gentle cycle available.
-Wash different colors and fabric separately.
-Turn your silk item inside out and place it in a mesh bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers.
-Use gentle or special detergent for silk.
-Hang dry without direct sunlight if possible.
-Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.
-Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside.
Note: 7A, 6A, 5A silk comforters aren't included.
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100% Pure Mulberry 19 momme silk


For cleaner skin, less wrinkles

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