19 Momme Green 100 Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover

Color :
Emerald Green
Pearl White
Charming Pink
Metallic Gold
Size :
Material :
19 Momme Green 100 Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover
Emerald Green / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Emerald Green / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Emerald Green / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Emerald Green / King(102"x90") / Silk
Emerald Green / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Pearl White / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Pearl White / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Pearl White / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Pearl White / King(102"x90") / Silk
Pearl White / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Champagne / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Champagne / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Champagne / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Champagne / King(102"x90") / Silk
Champagne / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Charcoal / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Charcoal / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Charcoal / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Charcoal / King(102"x90") / Silk
Charcoal / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Charming Pink / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Charming Pink / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Charming Pink / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Charming Pink / King(102"x90") / Silk
Charming Pink / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Grey / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Grey / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Grey / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Grey / King(102"x90") / Silk
Grey / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Black / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Black / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Black / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Black / King(102"x90") / Silk
Black / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Metallic Gold / King(102"x90") / Silk
Metallic Gold / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Purple / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Purple / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Purple / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Purple / King(102"x90") / Silk
Purple / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
Red / Full (76"x87") / Silk
Red / Twin(67"x87") / Silk
Red / Queen (87"x90") / Silk
Red / King(102"x90") / Silk
Red / Cal.King(110"x96") / Silk
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Many busy people find changing duvet covers to be a particular hassle, but using a duvet cover is a necessity that helps keep our duvets clean and improves the overall tone of your bedroom! If you prefer a more luxurious texture, then THXSILK's 100 Mulberry Silk duvet cover is perfect for enhancing the quality of life in your bedroom.

If you prefer a more luxurious texture, then THXSILK's 100 Mulberry Silk duvet cover is perfect for enhancing your bedroom. The thick 19 momme pure mulberry silk fabric enhances the drape of the duvet cover, while the shimmering sheen of the silk enhances the overall style. We spent nearly a year carefully polishing our products in order to research and develop high-quality silk bed linens, setting high quality production requirements and specifications from the source, and finally presenting the products in front of your eyes! This 100 Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover is sure to be the 5-star rated silk duvet cover of your dreams. It's made from 450-thread-count mulberry silk fabric?which has an attractive sheen and is silkier and softer to the touch than satin.

Mulberry silk filament produces silk that is longer and tougher than ordinary silk, and short mulberry silk is easier to break, so choose long silk to produce a silk duvet cover for a longer period of time. Silk duvet covers are soft and breathable, and the antibacterial and anti-allergic qualities of silk also prevent skin allergies as well as itching and other skin problems. Compared to other brands, THXSILK's silk kits wrinkle less after washing, are softer, and aren't shiny. Compared to other brands, THXSILK's silk kits wrinkle less after washing, are softer and don't lose their luster. If you're afraid you won't like it after you purchase it, that's fine, we do offer returns and exchanges if that's the case or if it's an issue such as quality color difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews

Love these sheets and pillowcases

Susan P.

I was super excited for this but I found that only the top sheet (not fitted one) has that more silky feeling than the fitted sheet! Still fine for me though!

Linh T.
Fit well

Very slippery, the fitted sheet fits very well and stays in place, but the top sheet slides off the bed

Cynthia C.
Feels so soft!

the sheets feel super soft and comfy, however the ivory color is bright yellow, so be warned!

Jessica M.

They keep you lighting cool and they fit my bed exact. I love how it comes with pillowcase. The color is gorgeous. I highly recommend this bed set! I will be buying more in different colors.

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- P.O. Boxes and Military Addresses (APO, FPO) cannot be delivered.
-Hand wash is recommended and machine wash is also possible but not multiple times.
-Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30℃) on most gentle cycle available.
-Wash different colors and fabric separately.
-Turn your silk item inside out and place it in a mesh bag to avoid the shearing and tearing of silk fibers.
-Use gentle or special detergent for silk.
-Hang dry without direct sunlight if possible.
-Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.
-Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside.
Note: 7A, 6A, 5A silk comforters aren't included.