THXSILK 5A All Seasons Silk Filling With Cotton Cover Silk Comforter

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  • SPEC Quilt: 100% 5A silk with cotton cover
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification - guarantees that the fabric and filling materials are free of harmful chemicals.
  • Asthma and Allergy Relief - Natural fibers keep dust mites at bay and are hypoallergenic to help relieve allergies and asthma. Compared to cotton and other synthetic fibers.
  • Great for Sleep - Wicks moisture away from the body and adjusts to your body temperature for effective temperature regulation to help you sleep.
  • Multiple Benefits - Ultra soft and comfortable, smooth yet breathable.
  • Silk filler: 30% Mulberry silk + 70% Tussah silk; cover fabric: 100% 60S cotton

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A true king size !

Very good blanket. Was the perfect size to go with my LLBean duvet cover. The comforter comes in a nice purse, and theres a zipper on the side of it that opens up to the silk hair filling of the comforter. Even the summer sized comforter was too hot for summer down here, so will be using this for the winter instead.

I have to say I am very satisfied with this lightweight silk comforter

I had several silk comforters and down comforters that were too hot for summer time.

Bought this comforter a few weeks ago. I have to say I am very satisfied with this lightweight silk comforter. It is indicated that the comforter has a long zipper provided on the duvet (seller is so confidentLOL). Thats true, I found the zipper and was able to pull the silk out to test it. Google it if you dont know how to test the material. I was curious and performed a burning test at home. It smelt like burned hair, looks like genuine (artificial silk or polyester smells like burned paper or plastic).

I have been using this comforter for two weeks and it was perfect, since I hadn't woken up sweating, and it was warm enough under air condition. So far all I can say is I am pretty glad with this silk comforter. Highly recommend.

I purchased the summer duvet and couldn't be happier..

I purchased the summer duvet and couldn't be happier... it's incredibly soft and lightweight, stitching/construction is flawless. I purchased the King and after I received it, realized that I should've chosen the California King (I measured incorrectly). The customer service rep for Silk Camel was incredibly helpful with the return process and sent me the size I needed before I'd even had a chance to mail the other one back.

Sebastian B.
The Comfort Enlightenment

This is literally amazing and has changed my life. It is so soft and the perfect weight for a hot FL summer (I sleep with my house at 72 and with a fan on). I have always wanted a duvet but always found them too heavy, this one is perfect and (the summer version of course) breathable. I gave it a cotton duvet cover (BuLuTu Queen duvet cover) and it fit perfectly. This duvet also does a good job of staying in place inside the cover because even when I don't tie the ties it stays which makes my life easier. You should cover your duvet to protect it, but the material on the outside of this one is so soft I did not even want to and on the inside you can unzip it to feel the silk and determine if it is real or not. It has 4 little things on the corners so you can tie your cover in.

J. Bezos
Just buy it

I sweat at night, but am often cold in the day. I call myself a reptile bc I feel like I can't regulate my temp.... So, that had me confused on which "season" to choose. I went with summer bc I live in FL. I'm glad I did.
It feels nice. I had goose down before. It was comfortable, but I would see random pieces of feathers flying around. I no longer have that problem. I feel better knowing feather fragments aren't flying into my nostrils. I do still have allergies, but the comforter did noticeably help my husband's allergies. I feel dumb for not buying it sooner. It didn't solve all of my problems, but it did fix some. I've had it a few months now.
I didn't pull ther trigger initially bc it's not machine washable. I was concerned it would turn yellow and gross.... Too soon to tell, but worth the trade off imho. If you're on the fence. especially if you're an allergy sufferer, just get it. People spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. Might as well be comfortable and with (potentially) less allergies.

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