Why does silk bedding have a distinct odor?

Silk is an animal protein, a continuous long fiber secreted by the mature silkworms when they cocoon, also known as natural silk, is a natural fiber.

Some people say the silk bedding has distinct odor, in fact, that means it is a new silk bedding, that is the normal odor.

In recent years, silk is in short supply, as long as there is new silk output will soon be made into a bedding, so there will be a smell.

THXSILK factory silk bedding are made to order in bulk and are not stored for a long time, so there will be a little smell; if stored for a longer time, the smell will be lighter.

If the mulberry silk bedding is made to order, there will be 2 kinds of odor if the mulberry silk bedding is processed without renovation and degumming. One is the so-called musty smell, and the other is sour smell.

Musty smell

This smell is the smell of mulberry silk pupae, mulberry cocoons in the process of making silk to be boiled in water first, silk is 1/3 of the stomata, the smell of silk pupae stored in the stomata of silk when cooking cocoon.

But it does not matter, the silk bedding put a period of time, the pupa smell in the stomata will slowly be replaced by air, the silk is also no smell.

If you want to quickly remove the smell, put the silk bedding in the ventilation blowing is a very effective way. Generally open the windows to ventilate, one to two weeks will be gone.

Sour smell

When mulberry silk is processed without renovation process, it will do the degumming process. Alkaline substances are used to remove the sticky silk glue from the surface of mulberry silk, so that the silk is not sticky, so that after the bedding is made, the silk will not stick together and become lumpy or knotted.

Where does the sour smell come from?

Just mentioned the alkaline material degumming, because there is no guarantee that the alkaline material just finished reacting with the gum material, so it is generally neutralized with volatile and healthy acid.

Usually this one will use the more common two kinds of acid, one is acetic acid, called edible acetic acid.

The second type is edible citric acid. Acetic acid or citric acid used to clean silk, will quickly evaporate, but because it is a volatile acid, so the smell of new mulberry silk will be larger than the smell of some bad manufacturers with bleaching powder clean.

This has caused some buyers to misunderstand that the smell is bad, counterfeit and substandard.

How to remove the smell?

The way to remove the musty and sour smell of the silk bedding is to dry it in a ventilated place, the smell will evaporate quickly, and gradually the smell will disappear.

More drying several times the smell will disappear, in addition to silk bedding with a week or 10 days to dry, so that it will be more comfortable to use!

All you need to do is hang it on a line outside and let the air and sunlight take care of the problem. It's free, so take advantage of this method when you can. You'll find that almost any bedding you buy has that new bedding smell, no matter what material it's made of.

How to make silk bedding smell fresh

The best way to do this is by spraying lemon juice. When it is used in different laundry detergents, it always seems to add a fresh scent to the fabric. All natural should make the lemon smell better and fresher.

You also don't need a washing machine to get that fresh scent. If you use baking soda, then this solution does require a washing machine to work because baking soda cannot be sprayed on the bedding

Drying the air in the sun is always a good way to get a fresh scent. As long as you don't live in a heavily polluted city.


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