What Makes Silk Blanket More Comfortable for Cold and Hot Weather

When you hear about silk, many adjectives like soft, smooth, luxury, and maybe expensive will come to your mind. But silk is more than just those adjectives. We believe that you have already heard that silk does well with your skin and hair. Maybe that’s also the main reason you think of purchasing silk products or silk bedding.

Whether you are sleeping during the winter or summer, your sleep should be comfortable. Sleeping on silk is the real definition of comfortable. What makes silk this comfortable? The main reason is that their extremely smooth texture with very little friction. Because of that, the silk won’t absorb natural body moisture. While you are sleeping on the silk, you would probably wake up with more sweat because they don’t absorb your sweat as the cotton fabric does. Even though you are sweating, you would never feel hot because of the cold and refreshing temperature of the silk itself. This condition has made silk fabric or bedding like silk sheets and silk blankets perfect for summer and winter!

Another miraculous thing that silk can do is its ability to repel allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. All of those are commonly the reason that you cough or sneeze during your sleep. But with silk, say goodbye to the yucky night's sleep. Along with this article, we would like to help you improve your sleep quality.

What makes silk blankets warm?

Balancing inner the temperature is one of the most important functions performed by the human body. But sometimes, it is a little challenging when the body faces extreme temperatures, especially low temperatures.

When your body faces a low temperature, it needs more insulators to keep the heat to your body. In this case, silk is the best insulator to make your body won’t lose its warmth. Some people are still skeptical that silk is not suitable for winter because of its lightweight. But, this is the time that we should change our minds. The natural material of silk helps the human body to regulate the inner body temperature and prevents you from being cold during your sleep. That means, with a silk blanket or silk comforter, you will have a very nice sleep during the cold winter.

Having the other silk bedding like silk sheets and silk duvet along with silk blanket will give you extra warmth yet still be breathable. Doesn’t matter how big your bed is; king size silk sheet or even a queen comforter will help your body to adjust to the right temperature that is protecting you from cold but not too warm.

What makes a silk blanket cold?

Sleeping on a nice silk sheet or silk blanket is always a good idea during the summer. Its light material makes silk feel soothing and cool to the body. Even though you might experience sweating more, silk materials are effectively absorbent to keep your body moist and stable your temperature during the heat. By this, you will be protected from dehydration during your sleep, especially for you who live in dry climates.

The combination of cooling and moisturizing sensation of silk blanket and silk bedding won’t allow you to feel uncomfortable during all the summer nights.

What are the benefits of silk blankets and silk bedding?

  • You can use it all year!

Since silk bedding, like silk blankets and silk sheets, can adjust the cold and hot temperatures, that means silk bedding can be used both in winter and summertime. Having one type of blanket for all year will save your money, space, and energy a lot.

  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.

It is scientifically proven that silk is an absorbent material that is able to absorb and emits moisture, preventing it from stagnating on the fiber. This has made silk blankets or fabric also resistant to mold, fungus, and bacteria.

  • Silk has great strength.

Just because it is soft doesn’t mean silk is vulnerable. Silk has strong fiber that can withstand a great deal of pressure.


Those are the answers to why silk bedding, like silk blankets, is always comfortable to use in all seasons. Silk is not expensive if we think about all the benefits that we will receive from silk. That’s all worth the price. Silk also has the tendency to last longer than other materials, which makes it a good investment to benefit you over and over.

From now on, you have to start thinking about getting silk bedding, as well as a silk comforter or silk blanket. Just in case you are wondering where to get the high-quality silk sheet and other bedding sets, THXSilk is the answer.

We have many options of silk bedding for the king or queen-sized bed. Other than that, we also produce silk sleepwear and accessories.

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