What is momme?

Momme is a term that frequently arises in discussions about silk, particularly when referring to silk beddings, silk pillowcases, and various silk products. But what actually is Momme and what does 19 or 25 Momme Silk means?


What is Momme?

Momme is a Japanese unit of silk measurement used to gauge the weight and density of silk fabric. Specifically, momme measures the weight in pounds of a piece of silk fabric measuring 45 inches by 100 yards. In essence, the momme count of a silk fabric indicates its density and durability.

For instance, if a silk fabric is labeled as 22 momme, it means that it weighs 22 pounds per 100 yards, while 19 momme silk weighs 19 pounds per 100 yards. These momme counts play a significant role in determining the quality and durability of silk products. 

Silk items are assigned specific silk quality grades based on their momme count, which serves as an indicator of their overall excellence and longevity. The silk quality grades indicate the momme count of the silk product such as 19 Momme Silk Pillowcases and 22 Momme Silk Bedsheets.

Higher momme counts, such as 22 or 25, are generally associated with superior silk quality. Fabrics with higher momme counts are considered more durable, possess a desirable sheen, and exhibit a smoother texture. They are often preferred for luxurious apparel and bedding. In contrast, lower momme counts, such as 16 or 19, are suitable for lightweight clothing and scarves.

Some of the top-quality silk products are tailored at THXSLK, which specializes in all kinds of silk products including silk beddings, silk sleepwear, silk pillowcases, and other silk-based accessories. Whether it's the 22 Momme Zipper Silk Pillowcase or the 19 Momme Classic Striped Silk Pajama Set, THXSLK has got you covered. 

It is also essential to distinguish between momme silk and mulberry silk, as they are often used interchangeably. Mulberry silk refers to the type of silk produced by silkworms that exclusively feed on mulberry leaves. This silk is renowned for its superior quality, exceptional durability, and luxurious feel. On the other hand, momme silk pertains to the weight measurement unit used to determine silk quality grades and the overall durability of silk products.

When it comes to silk pillowcases and sheets, it is generally recommended to opt for higher momme counts. For silk pillowcases, a momme count of 22 strikes a balance between durability and smoothness, allowing the pillowcase to withstand regular use while providing a luxurious and comfortable experience. Regarding silk sheets, a momme count of 25 is often favored. This higher momme count enhances durability, ensuring that the sheets retain their softness and lustrous appearance even after repeated washing.

In conclusion, understanding the concept of momme is essential when assessing the quality and durability of silk products. The momme count serves as an indicator of a silk fabric's weight and density, with higher counts generally associated with superior quality. By considering the momme rating, consumers can make informed decisions and select silk items that offer both luxury and durability or they can visit THXSLK to find the perfect product and professional guidelines. If you are still not sure what to buy, please send us an email service@thxsilk.com  and we will provide you with a detailed answer and give you a very suitable discount

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