What are the pros and cons of silk pillowcases?

Before you consider buying silk pillowcases or silk sheets, you should definitely do some research first. There is a lot of information on the Internet about silk bedding, but not all of it is accurate. As a savvy consumer, you will want to learn everything you can about silk and whether the merchant is exaggerating its benefits.
To avoid your confusion, we've gone ahead and put it all together for you. We've listed 5 disadvantages and 5 benefits of silk pillowcases, including the cost and difficulty of caring for them. Read on and discover the pros and cons for yourself.

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5 Disadvantages of Silk Pillowcases

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When you consider buying silk pillowcases, sheets, and bedding, you may be thinking about the luxurious look and feel of silk. Alternatively, you may enjoy all of the benefits of sleeping on silk for beauty sleep. This can reduce wrinkles, prevent bedheads, and even make your expensive blowouts last longer! But there's a lot of propaganda on the market about silk, especially when it comes to the downsides and drawbacks of this luxury bedding. Let's take an honest look at some of the objections and drawbacks to silk bedding and set the record straight with some fiction.

1. Silk pillowcases and sheets are expensive.

Expensive is a relative term, but yes, real 100% mulberry silk sheets can be more expensive than other fabrics like cotton and polyester. There is also a considerable amount of poor quality silk on the market, which looks and feels fragile and sells for less. Some silk is not real. It is a mixture of silk which is a man-made chemical fabric.

2. Silk pillowcases and sheets are difficult to take care of.

Actually, silk bedding does require special care, but it's not hard to do at all. In fact, if you follow a few simple instructions, you can wash your silk bedding in the washing machine. Place your silk sheets and silk pillowcases in cold water on a separate, gentle cycle. We recommend using a detergent formulated specifically for silk and placing your silk items in a mesh laundry bag to protect them from obstructions and tears. Hang your silk items to dry indoors or outdoors out of direct sunlight. Ironing is not necessary; once you put your silk sheets back on the bed, they will naturally flatten out. If needed, use a cold iron to restore the luster of your silk pillowcases.

3. Silk pillowcases and sheets tend to fade

Silk is a natural protein fiber, which accounts for its unique luster, touch, and beauty. Therefore, silk tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight, whether indoors or outdoors. Even the finest silk bedding will fade if left in direct sunlight. That is why we always recommend hanging your silk to dry away from the sun. Happily, even indoors, your silk sheets should dry quickly.

4. Silk pillowcases and sheets are delicate

Silk is soft, lustrous, and gentle to the touch. Poor-quality, cheap silk is fragile. While you should take care to prevent your silk from getting in the way and tearing (for example, by using a mesh laundry bag in the wash as we suggested above), quality silk sheets and silk pillowcases should last as long as cotton sheets. All of THXSILK's bedding is made from Grade 6A silk fibers, the highest quality silk on the market, woven from silk threads that offer superior strength and beauty to the fabric from which it is made. Silk is delicate, but with proper care, it should last as long as cotton.

5. Silk sheets have a cool feeling

Yes, silk sheets are known for their unique coolness and comfort when sleeping in hot weather. But the cellular structure of silk proteins gives it natural insulation and temperature regulation. This means your silk sheets will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are an excellent choice for year-round comfort in any sleeping condition.

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5 Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

In addition to their luxurious look and feel, the best silk pillowcases and sheets offer a number of health, beauty and overall wellness benefits.

1. Silk pillowcases help hair and skin retain their natural moisture.

Unlike absorbent cotton bedding, protein silk does a great job of retaining moisture in your hair and skin while you sleep. In fact, many high-end hair and skin products contain silk gum, a protein found in silk fibers. In addition, silk bedding is known for its health benefits for hair and skin.

2. Silk pillowcases help prevent hair tangles.

When you sleep on a silk pillowcase, your hair slides over the surface of the silk without rubbing. This means you wake up with fewer tangles, curls, and breaks. Silk is especially gentle on curly hair, fine hair, colored hair and new hair growth (which is why it is recommended that people experiencing chemotherapy-related hair loss sleep on silk pillowcases).

3. Silk pillowcases can help reduce wrinkles.

Remember what we just said about your hair sliding over the soft Charmius satin surface of a silk pillowcase? So does your face. In contrast to cotton pillowcases, in which the fibers pull on delicate facial skin, silk is smooth and frictionless, minimizing the occurrence of fine lines and sleep wrinkles. Talk about great beauty sleep! This is one of the reasons you should choose silk pillowcases for your hair. 

4. Silk sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

Silk is a natural protein-based fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic, mildew and dust mite resistant, and non-irritating to even the most sensitive skin. It is a great choice for anyone who suffers from environmental allergies; eczema, acne or other skin irritations; even babies.

5. Silk sheets and pillowcases can regulate temperature.

As we mentioned earlier, natural 100% silk is a breathable fabric that helps regulate temperature throughout the year. Silk sheets also wick moisture away from the skin (see above), which helps keep you comfortable while you sleep.

How do I clean silk pillowcases?

Be careful when cleaning silk pillowcases so as not to tear or otherwise damage the fragile material. Silk pillowcases are best cleaned in cold water with a finer cycle. Use a mild detergent (best for silk formulas) that does not contain bleach or enzymes that can damage silk.

Where can I buy silk pillowcases?

You can usually find silk pillowcases in any store that sells bedding and other home furnishings. If you prefer to shop online, you can buy from individual retailers or online bedding companies such as THXSILK.