June 24, 2018

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Hi, I'm Amy I'm going to discuss what to consider when buying a silk pillowcase, also what's the biggest mistake people make when choosing a silk pillowcase. And this is important if you want to silk pillowcase to help your skin and hair or if you're buying it as a gift for someone. A silk pillowcase depending on the quality and how it's produced which can be the most important skin care items you will ever buy. There is nothing that prevents wrinkles better than a silk pillowcase, and I'm going to show you the silk pillowcase you should buy at the end of this blog, so stick around. 

Over the years, studies have shown that there are various benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, with dermatologists widely touting the positive effects this natural fiber has on our skin. The tightly-woven fibers are said to keep moisture in our face, rather than stripping it out like other fabrics, increasing overall hydration and skin health.

skin care by silk pillowcase

In addition, silk causes less irritation when compared to synthetic blends and, being one of the most gentle fabric choices, it is more likely to conform to the face and less likely to cause sleep wrinkles. All thing considered, silk boasts some significant short term benefits that seemingly result in long term, lasting skin health, improved luminosity, and a reduction in wrinkles. 

Here's a good news about silk pillowcases there is nothing better functionally as statically or as comfortable as an elegant handmade silk pillowcase produce the ancient way. Here is the sad part with silk products growing in popularity. more and more companies are making low-quality silk pillowcases and using the name silk to produced cheap substandard machine made silk pillowcases. A lot of silk pillowcases aren't even completely silk which are sneaky trickiness silk industries to keep prices low. So what they do is with the cotton or polyester into the silk pillowcases, they label they are 100% silk, and you won't know by looking at it, but your skin and hair won't be getting his benefits. So how do you differentiate between these? I'll give you a couple of reasons to show you why they are isn't same.
The first one is the price. Authentic silk that helps your skin isn't going to be found amongst these cheap silks are seeing online. You may be thinking why is this silk pillowcase $10 and up to $ 200, it's because silk has an enormous range quality and how is this produced. Because organic handmade silk is a very labor intensive process done with very little technology. If it's done the ancient tradition of handicraft, woven on authentic antique loans using the best fibers, there is no way to get a super cheap. The cheap silk is made quickly with machines and cheap dies and low-grade silk cocoons. These people will be getting the duplicate to buy them, everybody is. Usually, when silk is very cheap, it falls into one of these categories. 

  • Number one is unsafe, it would be produced with allergy-causing chemicals, machined made and likely to fall apart. 
  • Number two it's not wholly silk. It's probably with silicon or polyester, and I'll never know it. You just won't be getting antiaging benefits of the silk. 
  • Number three it's made from low-grade silk cocoons. So what does this mean to you? When you're putting your face on it every night, you are going to want to make sure that you were using something pure, safe and elegant and low-quality silk pillowcases do not have sucks. 
So the next main category is the field of the silk. It shouldn't be slippery and slippery does not mean cheap. It can be slippery and high-end, and it just won't be as comfortable and, it won't do its job of preventing wrinkles as well. Next category is momme. This is the weight of the silk. It usually ranges for silk pillowcases between 16 and 22 it's like a thread count for cotton. But don't mean is still being good or bad on this weight. It's better to pay attention to the company and quality of the silk. The last one is to know the company you're buying from. Don't let yourself worry about it. Especially forgiving as a gift. So you need to select the company that cares about you and took all the necessary measures to make sure you're getting the highest quality, and in the silk industry, this can be difficult to find sometimes. 
So this is the biggest mistake to make randomly buy silk online and its poor quality which not giving them the results they wanted. So if you've tried silk in didn't like it, I understand, because I've tried about 50 I didn't like. So that's how I got to the silk I have today it took a long time to refine. You can check the products below for better choice. 

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