The Real Story On Silk Comforter Set

If there is one thing we’ve noticed a lot of over the past few years, it’s the amount of misinformation and misrepresentation of silk filled comforter set. We feel that often a silk filled comforter set is purchased for the wrong reasons and that the intended purpose of use is not actually well matched by the characteristics of this filling material.

The Marketing Angle

Silk comforter sets are advertised with two large benefits over other comforter types:

  1. Silk comforter sets are exceptionally light weight
  2. Silk comforter sets sleep cooler than anything else

Both of these statements are misleading and dare we say, essentially false.

 silk comforter set


Light Weight

Yes, compared to certain synthetic fills, we would agree that silk comforter set are light weight. However, compared to most other natural filling materials, silk comforter set are actually quite heavy.

It’s also not just about the amount of  total weight. You must also consider how you want the comforter set to feel on top of you. A silk comforter set closely follows the shape of your body, transferring the complete weight of the comforter set to you. A down comforter set on the other hand floats above you, a side effect of the significant amount of air that high quality down will trap. This means that a down comforter set feels significantly lighter than any other comforter set filling as the already light weight construction is further separated by the floating effect of the filling material.

One type of feel is not better than the other, it is merely personal preference.

Coolest Sleeping Temperatures

This is actually false. Although silk comforter set tend to sleep very cool, they also tend to work in a narrower temperature range when compared to most other natural fillings. This sounds like a negative statement, but it isn’t. If you have a climate controlled environment which doesn’t vary, a silk filled comforter set can be absolutely fantastic to sleep under. They will maintain a very stable temperature and will do a fine job of balancing humidity.

However, if your temperature and environment are variable, silk may not be the best choice. High quality goose down tends to work in the widest possible temperature range, followed by camel and alpaca varieties.

Why choose silk?

The real reasons to choose silk are as follows:

  1. You’d like a medium-heavy weight comforter set which drapes naturally around the body.
  2. Your bedroom temperature is stable and does not vary during the season(s) in which you plan to use the comforter set.
  3. You are okay with the possibility of having to use two different comforter set for summer and winter if the climate varies significantly where you live.
  4. You would like the health benefits of a natural filled comforter set at a more reasonable price point.

And you can find the difference of silk comforter and the others clearly by this chart below:

Silk Comforter set  are a wonderful choice when purchased for the right reasons. THX Silk  prides ourselves on having a very high success rate in matching our customers with the right type of comforter set and silk comforter set are one of many wonderful natural filled comforter set at our disposal.

In general, a natural filled comforter set of any variety is simply superior to any synthetic comforter set or comforter.

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