The Cons of Silk Fabric

Great choice! Since you’re about to upgrade your bedding and replace it with silk fabric, this article is for you. I believe a little research is mandatory before investing in something as worthy as gold.

Though silk is classy and luxurious, one must go far beyond it. You must understand what are the disadvantages of silk besides advantages because it will be more like a mundane accessory than a luxurious one.

This article walks you through some major facts! I help you make a wise decision by revealing some of the disadvantages of the silk fabric.


Cons of Silk Fabric 

The advantages of silk fabric are known worldwide. You’ll always see people talking about the advantages rather than the disadvantages. Here I’ll discuss the silk fabric disadvantages to create a clear picture for your future purchase.  

· Expensive —Does It Really Costs So High?

Unaffordability or high cost is the first thought that might hit you as soon as you hear the word “Silk,” even before the luxury tag that it carries.

It might make you think, “How expensive is silk.” Well, they are! The 100 % mulberry silk sheets are EXPENSIVE.

There are varieties available n the market which are not as costly as the fabric at THXSILK. It is because those are mixes, a mix of silk and polyester.

Hence proved pure silk sheets are costly, and that is the primary con of this insect-spitted fabric.

· Silk Sheets Require Care 

Another point that you may regard as a disadvantage is the care protocol. Silk sheets or bedding require more care compared to ordinary cotton bedding. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t easy to handle.

At THX Silk, you can order machine-wash-safe sheets, which are not difficult to care for.    

Other types may require handwashing, air drying away from the sun, esh drying bags, and mild detergents.

· Silk Fades in the Sun

The uniqueness of silk lies in its special build. It is made up of natural protein fibers that bestow it the natural sheen and delicacy. Silk fades in the sun, and this is one of the major disadvantages.

The fibers are too delicate to handle the Sun’s harshness.

It is always therefore suggested to dry the sheets away from the sunlight, or they’ll be faded.

· Silk Sheets are Cold

Now this is a trickier one! Yes, they are only when you want them to be! See, this is more like an advantage than a disadvantage. The texture of silk fabric is amazing and temperature-regulating.

People consider silk sheets cold, but these are actually cool. These are perfect for summery nights.

In winter, they can be warm as the natural protein in the silk helps regulate body temperature.  

Advantages of Silk Fabric

You must not forget the numerous advantages that a silk pillow offers. Here’s a brief about its advantages.

  • It is antibacterial
  • Hydrates skin
  • Improves the health of skin and hair
  • Hypoallergenic! Best for allergies like Asthma
  • Temperature regulating
  • Moisture-wicking! Great for hot sweat flushes!


So, what’s the catch? Will you invest in a silk sheet? Well, you must purchase it from an authentic place with mulberry silk sheets to enjoy your buy. These disadvantages aren’t too big to handle. A bit of a care, and there you are.

Though expensive, it will be a lifetime purchase as you can’t ignore the advantages of silk. They are temperature-regulating, luxurious accessories that add charm to your bedroom. So, get a machine-wash-safe sheet if time’s the problem, and enjoy a deep slumber.