Silk gifts for her

Mother's Day of 2023 is less than a month from now and if you haven't prepared a gift for your mom, grandma, or grandmother yet, it's not too late, maybe because you don't know what to get! We've prepared a series of silk gift guides for you. You can pick and choose from any of them and they will definitely be warmly enjoyed!

In order to understand the most favorite silk gifts for moms, we consulted many moms in different professions and  various career, who are of different ages and have been moms for different lengths of time, and after their certification, we have selected the following creative silk gifts.

Some of the products that our THXSILK staff also regularly buy for their moms or  some of them are holiday best sellers on our website. Most importantly, THXSILK is offering a very sincere discount for Mother's Day, so we suggest that you place your order as soon as you like the product, as the discount will not be available after the event date.

THXSILK Mother's Day Sale

Best Mother’s Day silk gifts for every mom: Elegant Short Silk Pajamas Set

 silk pj

For more comprehensive shopping information, we've selected gifts for every type of mother that can be used all year long, with several outstanding options. From silk eye masks to silk pillowcases, and silk pajamas that are good for your skin. We found no one could pass up adding this silk nightgown to their order. It is the most comfortable and intimate version, unlike cotton pajamas, silk pajamas have a cosmetic effect on the skin, they will not leave indentations on your skin and will not absorb excess moisture from your body, this 19mm silk pajama set has a very affordable price and can be worn all year round, suitable for any type of mother, because the time after work should be used to enjoy life, sending these silk pajamas is like getting a permanent mask for the skin.

Best Mother’s Day silk pillowcase: 25 Momme Envelope Silk Pillowcase

25 Momme Envelope Silk Pillowcase
There is no doubt that silk pillowcases are good for the skin, the breathable structure and silky texture of silk keeps the skin of your face hydrated, and a silk pillowcase is a great way to say thank you, and THXSILK will offer you a great price and fast delivery service, so if your mom has never tried a silk pillowcase, then remember to take this opportunity!

Best sleep gifts for every type of mom: 25 Momme Silk Sleep Eye Mask

25 Momme Silk Sleep Eye Mask
Mothers actually need a good night's sleep, a good night's sleep can make them feel refreshed, please try our premium 25mm silk eye mask, few brands use such a high grade of fabric to make eye masks, and it only costs $20, this eye mask can be said to be very stress relieving products, especially some professional mothers such as doctors, lawyers, they need a higher quality of sleep, do not miss it.

Best Mother’s Day gifts that are less than $50: Silk scarf

silk scarf
Silk scarf is the most classic gift, A silk scarf can be given to a woman on any holiday. If you're worried that your mom won't like your gift, why not pick a silk scarf? THXSILK offers more than 20 styles of silk scarvesFrench style, modern style, classic style, these silk scarves are made of 100% mulberry silk, and the price is very affordable, the unit price in $30-$50, fine workmanship makes it can be a variety of ways to match, tied on the bag or with a suit will be very fashionable and bright!


Give her(your mom) silk products as a holiday gift

Silk can also be a memorable gift, especially as a holiday gift for mothers, girlfriends or children. If mom is into beauty or travel, a set of silk sleep y eye masks and/silk travel pillows can help ease their travel fatigue.

 Why choose silk gift from THXSILK for her

THXSILK is a brand that has been in business for almost a decade now and aims to offer the best quality at the best prices, also because the brand has its own factory, which can offer extremely high quality and good value for money. During these special holidays, sending flowers or other small gifts may not be novel anymore, so try some creative small silk gifts while there are good discounts on Mother's Day. THXSILK will provide you with the best quality service and free worldwide delivery.