Review 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases do not only make your bedroom luxuriously decorated . In fact, sleeping on silk is said to reduce irritation, wrinkles and hair frizz. Sleeping on real 100% mulberry silk can reduce the friction that other fabrics can cause. These silk pillowcases can even keep perspiring sleepers cool because silk naturally regulates body temperature. Silk pillowcase is to judge the quality of the pillowcase by the number of momme.

Most brands sell silk pillowcases in stores at 16 Momme,19 Momme22 Momme,25 Momme, However, THXSILK has recently launched 30 Momme silk pillowcase. This article aims to evaluate whether the 30MM silk pillowcase has achieved the advertised effect.

Quality of 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

THXSILK’s Standard Size and queen Size, King Size,30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase is made from pure mulberry silk of the highest grade. It is available in 4 shades(White, Navy blue, Charcoal,Champagne ). All thxsilk products certified by OEKO-TEX® to ensure safety and hand- or machine washable.

Design of 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

All around French stitching gives our pillows a polished appearance without the need for special ironing after washing. The silk charmeuse weave has a matte texture on the back and is glossy and silky.

Safety of 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 has recognized THXSILK products as safe in addition to being naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating. Our items bear the OEKO-TEX® label, and our website displays the emblem. This stringent independent testing process examines each component of the pillowcase during every stage of manufacture to make sure it is free of any dangerous toxins and chemicals and is hypoallergenic for skin that is sensitive to these substances. This is a critical health and safety factor; we believe you should only purchase pillowcases that have been independently certified as non-toxic and safe! Learn more about OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.

Packaging of 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

To improve the price-performance ratio of this product, this product does not come in a heavy gift box, but if you have special needs you can place an order for a gift box that is stylish, sturdy and ready to give.

Price of 30 momme mulberry silk pillowcase

$49 includes free shipping. You can purchase as few as one pillowcase at a time! For reference, the price of a four-piece Queen size silk sheet set from THXSILK is $400 (flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases).

The mission of THXSILK is to create and sell the highest quality silk products on the market at reasonable prices. We have a complete line of silk products made of 100% pure 6A grade mulberry silk fabric. OEKO-TEX certified silk fabrics are used in our sheets and pillowcases.

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