Pink Silk Sheet in All Size

After surfing the internet for hours, you might have stumbled upon the pink silk sheet of your dreams. The happy ending, however, wasn’t met because your required size wasn’t available.

Pink silk sheet in all sizes aren't something common to find.

Often, due to the size issue, you’ve to get on the back foot and compromise on your wish. To help you sort out the problem and satisfy your aesthetic being, THXSILK brings you the ultimate solution.

Here’s a detailed and comprehensive guide on pink silk sheets in all size available at the Silk Guru, THXSILK. Let’s discover your dreamy silk wrap before it gets too late.

pink silk sheet

Pink Silk Sheet in All Size

Obsessed with pink? Embrace the good news! You can now grab the pink silk sheet in the required sizes at THXSILK. Let’s discover what sizes does THXSILK offer.

  • Twin:With dimensions 66’’x96’’, this pink sheet is the best option for your twin-sized bed. Also, the same color and size are available in multiple mommes like 19, 22, 25, and 30, representing different weighed silk sheets.
  • Full: Don’t fear if you own a full-sized bed. THXSILK brings you the full-size pink sheet in 81’’x96’’ dimensions. Cover your bed in elegant pink wraps confidently.
  • Queen: Since minimalism has taken over, Queen beds have gotten quite in fashion. To cater to your needs according to the latest trends, THXSILKbrings you the 90’’x102’’ pink silk sheet to cover your mattress exactly according to its size.
  • King/Cal.King: Enjoy the luxury by wrapping your giant bed in king-sized pink sheets. These are available in the standard parameters of 108’’x102’’ and can easily fit any king-sized bed.

But hey! That’s not the only reason behind THXSILK’s recommendation. It offers head-to-head competition to big names like Lily Silk and Mulberry Park Silk. Learn the facts why THXSilk pink sheets in all sizes must be your go-to option.

pink silk sheet

Reasons Why THXSILK Pink Silk Sheets Are The Best

Affordable Prices: THXSILK brings you the same quality as competitors at a much more affordable price. Get the required-sized pink sheet to stay beside you for a lifetime at a price that’s worth it.

A-Grade Silk: THXSILK is the silk maestro that understands that true silk is only a miracle by silkworms. It brings you 100% A-grade mulberry silk sheets which are made purely with silk threads, eliminating any chance of synthetic threads.

Health Benefits: Since these sheets are made of natural silk fibers, they are infused with 18 amino acids that guarantee exceptional benefits such as;

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Best for skin and acne
  • Effective against frizz and dryness
  • Moisture wicking


Get the pink silk sheet in all size at none other than THXSILK. It is the premium place that offers you sheets matching your aesthetics in variable weights, colors, and sizes.

For your convenience, THXSILK has classified the silk sheets as Twin, Full, King, and Queen. All you have to do is visit the website, choose your required size in pink, add to the cart, and there you go!