Is silk robe worth it?

Silk robes are the queens of the pajama world and are usually expensive, but are they worth the price? The answer is yes! In fact, silk nightgowns are one of the most comfortable and luxurious sleepwear out there.

So what are the reasons why silk robes are worth buying, one of the factors is because the silk material itself is a very precious kind of material, it is made by the silk cocoon of the silk worm that spits out the silk before it turns into a butterfly, so it's different from the plant fiber is that silk belongs to a kind of protein fiber. With the skin is very suitable, so the silk fabric touch back very soft and smooth. Drape is also very good, wear on the body as if their second skin, shiny and comfortable, and silk is very light and breathable, so whether it is the session of the robe or pajamas session, silk robes and silk pajamas are regarded as the life of the luxury pajamas must have.

Why You Must Have a Silk Robe?

Of course, the high price of silk robes is not only due to the fact that the fabric is more difficult to produce, but it also has these numerous benefits that are hard to resist.

1. Moisture wicking

Silk has good breathability, so it has the function of moisture wicking. So on a hot summer day, silk robe will help you get rid of excess sweat from your body, thus keeping you cool while you sleep at night. This really is the perfect robe choice for hot sleepers and women in the menopausal stage.

2. Fits well against the skin

Another reason why silk robes are super cozy is that they can be adjusted loosely to follow your figure at will. Because it utilizes a belt to hold the elastic in place, you'll feel very comfortable drinking in the freedom, and the silk will make your skin feel like water as the soft silk glides over your body.

3. Skin-friendly

Silk robe is made of 100% pure mulberry silk, pure mulberry silk contains proteins and amino acids, and has antibacterial and anti-mite effect, so even people who are prone to allergies can rest assured that the silk robe, and he replenishes moisture around, can help your skin to keep sufficient moisture and thus not dry. It's the equivalent of getting permanent spa access for a fraction of the price you'd pay!

4. Gift Attributes

Almost without further introduction, everyone knows that silk is precious. So if you give a silk robe as a gift to your girlfriend or mother, or friends around you, the degree of surprise they receive the gift can be met, and can further reflect the giver is a person with taste.


Silk robes are diamonds in the rough, as they are recognized for their comfort and luxury, and many beauty and dermatology experts recommend using silk as an alternative to other fabrics. Whether as a gift or for yourself, silk robe is a good choice, it feels worth trying.

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