Is silk good for blanket?

The perfect blanket not only keeps you warm, it also needs to be cozy, breathable and beautiful. No matter how much you search for information about top-of-the-line blankets, the one that most closely matches these characteristics is sure to be the silk blanket. Silk and blankets just go together perfectly.

What are the benefits of silk blankets?

1. Regulates body temperature

Good quilts don't just keep the cold out, but they regulate your body temperature very well, and silk blankets do this perfectly. They can be perfect for cooling down the body on hot summer nights, allowing you to have a cozy sleep, and in winter you can choose silk quilts with more silk filling weight to keep out the cold, which can be very good at helping the user to maintain the optimal temperature of the body and preventing overheating.

2. Anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite

Silk is a fabric that has been proven by numerous dermatologists and fabric experts to have an anti-bacterial and anti-mite effect. Ideal for people recovering from surgery and those with allergic skin.

3. Skin protection

Silk is highly absorbent, helping to draw excess moisture away from the skin, but has the ability to not dry out your skin. The soft and cozy fabric also reduces friction on the skin, so they are said to be extremely gentle.

4. Long-lasting effect

One thing that many people misunderstand is that silk comforters are fragile and not very durable, but in reality from silk is a very resilient material. It just needs a bit of care from special cleaning materials just like your leather shoes. And silk doesn't need to be exposed to the sun to be decontaminated, as it doesn't harbor any bacteria.

5. Show quality of life

Silk has been a symbol of quality of life since ancient times. Silk can emphasize the user's approach to life, so if you choose a silk blanket as a summer essential, it will make a very nice gift for yourself. In addition to this silk blankets can also help you session stress and using it as your sleeping partner is surely a very beneficial choice.


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