How to wash a silk bonnet?

Silk hair hats are great for caring for your hair. But how long a silk hair cap lasts depends on how you care for it. Only by caring for your silk hair hat with care will it continue to ensure its effect. Many people think that silk is fragile, but when you follow the steps in the silk care program, silk products are very durable. We will teach you how to properly clean a silk night cap. The first thing that all silk lovers should know is what is silk itself?

Find out what silk fabrics are?

Silk is a natural material that contains proteins and amino acids, root spiders spit out silk pretty much, it is is from the shell that silkworms wrap themselves in. This shell is a shield to protect the silk when it is dormant, so in itself he is a certain degree of robustness, so it is actually not a fragile material, but very durable. But because the source of silk material is natural, so need to wait until the corresponding season after the silkworm metamorphosis will come to collect their shells for processing.

However, since silk fabric is not a fabric made of chemical materials, the care is naturally different from the root chemical materials, but the point I want to prove is that the need for careful care is not because it is fragile or not durable, but the way of cleaning is just different. It's like white clothes can't be washed with color-fading clothes. It's just a distinction that needs to be made.


So if you use improper cleaning procedures or treat your silk nightcaps too roughly, you can cut their lifespan. How should you wash a silk nightcap so that it is not de-conditioned? How should I dry my nightcap? How should I store my silk nightcap? These tips shared below will help you answer these questions and make it last longer.

Steps for washing silk bonnets

The silk bonnet is a relatively small silk product, so if you are not in a hurry, you can wash it by hand, or you can machine wash it as well. The optimal frequency of cleaning is once a week. Let's take a detailed look at the steps for cleaning a silk nightcap.

Guides for hand washing silk bonnets

1.Prepare a clean basin with some water or fill a clean sink with cold water.

2.Add an appropriate amount of mild detergent to the sink, roughly the amount of a detergent cap, or shampoo instead if you don't have a special detergent.

3.Turn the hat on its side with the lining facing out, then place it in the water to soak for 15 minutes

4.Gently press the nightcap after soaking and you can gently rub it in your hands.

5.Then pour out the water and fill the container with clean cool water

6.Gently press the sleeping cap again to rinse the detergent out, then place the cap on top of a dry towel and press gently.

Guides for machine washing silk bonnets

1.Place the silk nightcap in the washing machine with one side turned, or wash it separately if you are not using a laundry bag.

2.Add mild detergent, then set the washing machine to the special washing mode for silk.

3.After washing, dry the nightcap

Looking for a good quality silk bonnets

So far you've figured out how to care for a silk nightcap, and you've got a few tricks up your sleeve. But the prerequisite for all the steps is that this is a quality silk nightcap. Cost-effective silk nightcaps are very durable, and if you are looking for the best silk bonnnet, we have summarized this as well.

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