Mulberry Silk: How is it a top-quality fabric for bedding?

Did you know that investing in mulberry silk bedding is the easiest way to improve your sleep hygiene and health? Ranked as the best type of silk, mulberry silk comes with a heap of benefits that guarantee a remarkably therapeutic and sleeping experience. However, you want to know exactly what is mulberry silk to truly appreciate this fabric. Here is everything there is to know about mulberry silk and how it’s a top quality fabric for bedding.

Mulberry Silk

What is Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk refers to the best quality silk type available on the market produced by silkworms that feed on mulberry. Typically grown in China, farmers grow mulberry trees and harvest leaves that are fed to domesticated silkworms. The resulting raw silk fibers spun from the cocoons are known as mulberry silk.

To produce the mulberry silk, these silkworms are exclusively fed mulberry leaves. The single long fibers produced by the worms are then spun together with other single mulberry fibers into mulberry threads and woven to produce the silk fabric. This fabric is then used to curate the silk bedding.

Now, feeding silkworm mulberry leaves isn’t just randomly chosen by farmers. Instead, the nutrient-rich mulberry leaves help to improve the quality of silk produced. Mulberry silk typically boasts fine and strong fibers with uniform colors compared to regular silk.

Further, mulberry silk strands tend to be extremely long, strong, and unbreakable. In fact, it is believed that a mulberry silk strand can extend to a mile long and be stronger than a stainless steel strand. Yet, the same fabric is one of the softest and smoothest when woven.

6 Therapeutic Benefits of Using Mulberry Silk Bedding

Using Mulberry silk over other fabrics for your bedding goes a long way to improve sleep quality. Here’s exactly mulberry silk beddings improve your sleep;

1. Achieve Super model-Like Skin Over Time

Mulberry silk bedding improves skin health. The protein-based fabric is known to promote hydration while preventing tugging and pulling on the skin, particularly the facial skin. As a result, using silk bedding over time promotes wrinkle-free and well hydrated youthful skin.

2. Grow Hair to Kill For

Mulberry silk sheets and pillowcases improve hair health. They do so by also retaining moisture, preventing tangles, and providing a friction-free sleeping environment. As a result, you get smooth, silky, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

3. Perfect for Sensitive Skin & People with Allergies

When we say mulberry silk is everyone, we mean everyone! These include people with sensitive skin and those prone to allergies. This is because mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to allergens, such as mold and pollen.

It is also anti-irritant, explaining why it is the number one recommended fabric by dermatologists. In fact, people suffering from skin conditions, such as acne and eczema are usually advised to use mulberry silk bedding.

4. Improved Sleep & Overall Health Quality

Mulberry silk is naturally ultra-soft, smooth, and supple. So, using bedding made entirely of this material allows for a relaxing and therapeutic sleep. Over time, you will notice that you wake up feeling fresher and more rejuvenated after a sound and restful sleep.

With proper sleep, you also enjoy improvements in other areas of your life, particularly your health. Enjoying proper sleep and rest has been associated with overall heart health and well being. You are also more productive during the day, whether at work or even gardening, when you enjoy healthy sleep patterns and hygiene.

5. Incredible Sleep in All Four Seasons

It’s not only the fabric's feel that promotes restful and relaxing sleep. Mulberry silk also boasts natural temperature-regulating abilities to make its bedding ideal for both warm and cold weather use. Whether you use mulberry silk comforter in winter or mulberry silk sheets during the warmer season, you are guaranteed to remain comfortable.

During warmer seasons, mulberry silk is pretty effective at moisture-wicking and quick drying, ensuring you never feel hot or get drenched by sweat when asleep. During the colder seasons, mulberry silk creates an enveloping layer that traps body heat within, keeping you warm all night long. Yet, it never loses its moisture-wicking ability so there's never excess warmth.

6. Easy to Care for

With every passing day, manufacturers in different industries continue to perfect their craft. This is not different in the silk industry. Mulberry silk care has gotten easier today. This is because most mulberry silk producers are creating machine-washable products, including bedding.

The best mulberry silk bedding brands dish out machine-washable products. To prolong the longevity of your bedding, invest in a mesh bag (an appropriately sized one) that you can use to wash your items. To wash the bedding, add individual pieces to a mesh bag and wash on the delicate cycle in the washer using mild detergent and room-temperature water.

Doing so reduces possible snagging or pulling of delicate fabric during the wash. When it comes to drying, however, never add silk items into the dryer. This is because the high heat generated can very easily damage the fabric. Instead, simply air-dry your mulberry silk bedding.

Invest in THXSilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Pieces

Ready to invest in mulberry silk bedding? You needn’t look further. THXSilk offers some of the best mulberry silk bedding pieces on the market. The best part is that you get 100% mulberry silk bedding without breaking an arm and a leg.

THXSilk bedding pieces are also made with a high degree of quality to ensure longevity and experience all mulberry silk benefits fully. The brand offers a wide range of 100% mulberry silk comforters, blankets, bed sheets, and pillowcases.

You can also opt for sheets, which are available in sizes king, queen, twin, and full. Alternatively, you can opt for bedding sets that include duvet covers, fitted sheets, and flat sheet sets. You can find bedding in various grades (up to 6A) and mommes (up to 25), based on your budget and preferences.

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