6 Best Washable silk robe for women

The secret to having a spa at home is to have a silk robe on hand, and after showering and applying skincare products in a silk robe, you'll have the feeling of having almost had a spa day. Silk robes made of real 100% pure mulberry silk are actually a bit more expensive, but once you make up your mind to buy a precious silk robe like this one, you need to get the best one. Because a good silk robe is like your companion; if you love it, it can follow you around for life.

So what does the best silk robe look like? I think the best silk robe is one that is both comfortable and casual, and not just to wear after a shower, but to want to change into whenever you get home is the most reliable robe of all.

With that criteria in mind we looked for 100 volunteers and invited them to try on a few of our selected silk robes for a month and help us fill out a survey by the time the trial ended. Help us find the most practical and comfortable silk robes. And help us to write about what they really feel when they use them. Finally we got the list of these 6 silk robes.

For those of you trying to buy a silk robe for the first time, we're lucky you're reading this, and even if you don't want to buy a silk robe and just want to learn about it, you're welcome to keep scrolling down to learn about silk robes!

Best short silk robe

People who are enamored with silk robes generally focus on their washability, so don't miss this short silk robe, which testers describe as being very easy to wear for whatever they're doing, whether it's making the bed or going about their daily tasks without feeling the slightest bit constricted. And it's color is very nice, shiny color shows elegance, it also can regulate the tester's body temperature very well when the weather is warming up, and it is also free to fix the elasticity, the most important point is also the most important thing that this tester focuses on is the problem of how to wash the robe, this robe does not need to be dry-cleaned, just wash it directly in the water, which is very hassle-free and effortless.

Best black silk robe

This black silk robe features a short hemline, a loose fit and a casually adjustable waistband. Known for embodying a high-end, light vintage feel, you can wear it in more than just the bedroom scene. The tester of the pajamas said that this was her first experience with pajamas made of 100% silk fabric, and it was a great experience, a feeling she had never experienced before. She said that she usually had problems with her cotton pajamas pulling between her pajamas and her comforter when she slept, making her always wake up in the middle of the night in the middle of the night, and she didn't have that problem after changing into this black silk robe because it was so silky and the black color was so gorgeous that she herself would want to buy this pajamas after testing it out.

Best pink silk robe

The pink hue of this silk robe is lovely and the matching pink sash coordinates beautifully with it. The pink hue of this silk robe is lovely and the matching pink sash coordinates beautifully with it. , The colors are so soft that you can pair it with a pair of your favorite silk pajama pants, which should give it a casual, free-spirited feel.

Best Long Black Silk Robe

The difference between a silk long robe and a silk short robe is that the long robe looks a little more flamboyant than the short one, and it's more of a mature charm, so if you're a mature woman in your 40s+, we suggest you try a long robe and try out the glamour of the movie's heroine. 

Here's what the tester had to say about the robe, she said that the texture of this silk black silk robe is beyond its asking price, and that she has a friend who is getting married next month, so she introduced her friend to this black robe as a bridal robe because it's gorgeous and looks great on people. And she said that after using this robe for two weeks, her whole skin got better!

Best long silk pink robe

This washable pink mulberry silk long robe is perfect for those looking for something to cover up their knees. The fan's silk robe is dyed with eco-friendly dyes and contains no harmful substances in the production process, so those with sensitive skin can try it without worry.

The tester was relatively moderate in her assessment of this garment, describing the silk robe as being very comfortable and chic, and very cool, and since there were four sizes to choose from, she got the right size for her, and the pastel color made her whole body look younger.

Best luxury silk robes

This luxurious silk robe can be considered as belonging to the little luxuries of sleep, testers say that when you wear this silk robe, you will feel as if the robe is one with your skin, the robe slides on your body and makes you feel soothed both physically and mentally. It really makes you feel so good, and it's only after experiencing it that you realize why people who are looking for quality of life choose a silk robe of their own.

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