Benefits of washable silk sleepwear

Silk is one of the most opulent materials for clothes. The history of silk dates back thousands of years to China. Because it was costly and labor-intensive, royalty was the only people who utilized it for a very long time. You've come to the right place if you're wondering why silk is so common in pajamas. All the advantages of silk pajamas are described in great depth.

1. Green environmental protection

Silk pajamas are made of natural mulberry silk, pollution-free, truly green products.

2. Beauty and skin care

The mulberry silk in silk pajamas is made of natural protein fiber containing eighteen kinds of amino acids needed by human body, whose chemical structure is similar to human skin and has good compatibility. It can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid film, prevent skin aging, promote blood circulation to delay aging, so that the skin remains moist and smooth. It has obvious effect on allergic skin and itchy skin.

3. Soft and smooth

Silk feels naturally soft and smooth, close to the skin is not comparable to any fiber, known as the "queen of fibers" the second skin of the human body, can really make the body and mind to get the best care and enjoyment.

4. Comfortable fit

The surface of silk pajamas is smooth and supple, and its coefficient of frictional irritation to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers. When our delicate skin and smooth and delicate products encounter, its unique soft texture, according to the curve of the human body, considerate and safe care of every inch of our skin.

5. Warm in winter and cool in summer

Silk pajamas in the silk contains the highest volume of fiber in the silk gap, can play a two-way regulation, when it is cold, the bottom of the heat transfer, warmth than cotton and wool. When the day is hot, and can discharge more heat, so that the body temperature to keep the constant, to play the role of winter warmth and summer cool.

6. Moisture absorption and breathability

The silk protein fiber in silk pajamas contains a hydrophilic side chain amino acid substance, which can absorb moisture and disperse moisture in the air, and keep a certain amount of moisture. In normal temperatures it can help the skin retain a certain amount of moisture, not to make the skin too dry. When the day is hot and the body can be discharged sweat and heat quickly dissipated, so that people feel cool.

7. Calm and nourish the face to promote sleep

Silk pajamas in the silk protein, the chemical structure of the 18 natural amino acids, these amino acids contain a fine molecules, called "sleep factor" has the effect of stabilizing nerves to eliminate fatigue, it can effectively improve sleep, improve the depth of sleep, eliminate daytime fatigue.

8. Antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-mite

Silk has excellent antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-mite natural properties. The silk component of SERCIN has the ability to prevent the breeding of mites and germs. The silk pajamas are made of 100% natural extra mulberry silk, which meets strict hygiene and health requirements and does not add any chemicals that are harmful to human health in the production process.

9. UV resistance

The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can effectively absorb and screen ultraviolet rays, which has a better anti-UV function. Can effectively prevent UV damage to human skin. Keep the skin tender, smooth and elastic.

10. Dignified and elegant

Silk pajamas are mainly designed in a minimalist tone, reflecting fashion and leisure, romantic and bright, carefully crafted. In bringing people health, comfort, dignity, elegant life feeling at the same time, advocate a fashionable and rich lifestyle. Become a symbol of the mood and taste of life.

Some of the advantages of silk are hard to put a dollar figure on. It's difficult to express how delicious and sensual silk feels if you haven't slept on it. Consider this: What quickly comes to mind when someone says something feels like silk? Do you have an image of something plush and comforting to the touch? That is the problem with silk. It gently caresses your body. It's an amazing feeling.

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