Satin vs Silk sheets : Which is more suitable for summer

Textiles were born to keep out the cold, and with the new iteration of technology, the textiles we use are constantly innovating, but there is no major difference in functionality. Our bed sheets and duvet covers are designed to keep the cold out and keep the body from catching a chill. So in the heat of summer, how exactly to choose the bed sheet will make us happy to spend the summer?

Highly recommended silk sheets, this article aims to shed light on silk sheets - do they keep keep us cool? Everyone knows that silk is one of the most expensive fabrics in the world, but there is debate about whether it keeps the body hot or cool.

Some professionals say it is the best material for hot and cold nights, helping the body to regulate its temperature naturally. Others seem to think that silk is a fabric that gets hotter the more we sleep, and can make us feel uncomfortable on hot summer nights.

Are silk sheets hot in summer?


When you think of silk, you probably think of silk scarves, silk pajamas, and other clothing products. In fact, silk is fiber and can be composed of many kinds of products.

Silk suitable for bedding. It is silk made according to the ordinary weaving method. This fabric is very smooth and perfect for summer.

The method of use is to cover with a thin layer of bed sheets. If you use a silk cover + quilt, it is possible, but then it is hot and needs to be used with air conditioning.

This fabric is particularly difficult to take care of because it is a protein fiber.

Silk care methods are as follows

1. Water temperature, the water temperature should not be higher than 30 degrees, generally controlled at 20-25 degrees.

2. Hand wash, gently rubbing. Do not wring, do not dump. Soak 3-5 minutes to dry.

3. Use special detergent. Silk is resistant to acid but not alkali, which is similar to chemical fiber, and the opposite of cotton. So be sure to choose a special.

4. drying method, ventilation and shade dry


The price of the silk four-piece set is about $200-$600. Of course there are some brands that sell at a higher price, and we recommend the brand THXSILK, which is arguably the most worthy of trying among the many brands of silk sheet sets.

Satin vs Silk sheets

Satin vs Silk sheets: Temperature

Silk and satin are both luxurious fabrics that can come in a variety of beautiful colors and can be made into silk bed linens. They will turn any bedroom into a luxurious retreat. With silk and satin, you can feel warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months, and their versatility helps offset the high price tag.

Satin vs Silk sheets:Weave

Silk is a natural protein fiber that develops from the proteins secreted by silkworms. Because silk is an animal product that is difficult to cultivate and time-consuming to weave, silk bed linens are very expensive. However, silk is known for its softness, luster, beauty and magnificent appearance. Silk threads are extracted from thousands of silkworms and woven into almost lusterless sheets.

Satin vs Silk sheets: Price

Satin sheets are not far behind silk in terms of cost. However, satin sheets are woven so that certain threads are brought to the top (called floats), which allows these threads to reflect light and produce a high sheen. While satin sheets are now offered in nylon, acetate, polyester and other synthetic fibers, which help make these sheets more affordable, satin sheets are traditionally woven with silk threads.

Satin vs Silk sheets: washable method

Silk is a very delicate fabric and should be hand washed in cold water and a mild detergent. If your silk is white, you should wash it separately because the dye tends to be lost in the wash. You are better off simply soaking your silk sheets in soapy water a few times and then rinsing them well. Do not hang it in direct sunlight as this can damage the silk.

Satin vs Silk sheets: Detergent

If your satin sheets are woven with silk, follow the instructions above. However, if your satin sheets are made of polyester or nylon weave, you can wash it on a fine cycle as they are strong enough. Polyester satin sheets should be dried, while nylon can be machine dried at low temperatures (but not in the sun). Satin sheets made of acetate weave need to be dry cleaned.


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