4 Expert-recommended Silk Benefits to Improve Your Beauty Sleep

The benefits of using silk pillowcases for your skin and hair have certainly already been mentioned, but what exactly makes silk superior to cotton? We adore silk eye masks, pillowcases, and pretty much anything else made of silk. In addition to being comfortable on the skin, this material has a strong affinity for elegance and tranquility.

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What is Mulberry Silk?  

The silk from Mulberry silkworms is the most well-known. They are domestic silkworms, which are the primary source of the silk that Moonlit uses in its products. Mulberry leaves, which help produce the best silk on the market, are the sole food that these silkworms are given. Since it takes so long to produce, silk has been a valuable commodity for ages. Mulberry silkworms produce what is thought to be the strongest and most opulent silk.


Benefit 1: Assists in Delaying Skin Aging

Let's move on to the reasons why everyone adores silk after all this discussion of what silk is. One of the textiles that is said to be the most kind to skin is silk. The material has a low moisture rate due to its nano-architecture, which reduces friction against your skin. Fewer friction means less skin irritation and wrinkles. Natural particles are densely woven, creating a smooth surface that is ideal for skin. This is also ideal for your face mask's first layer!

Although side sleepers benefit greatly from silk pillowcases in terms of skin aging, anyone may unintentionally switch positions throughout the night. Have you ever had your decorative pillows' imprints on you when you woke up from a nap? According to a study, pressure against a sleeping surface causes distortion in humans that results in sleep wrinkles. While it could be difficult to alter your long-standing sleeping posture, going from a cotton to a silk pillowcase is a simple modification that can have a positive impact on your skin.

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Benefit 2: Reduces the risk of hair damage

As was already said, silk has a low moisture production rate and causes less friction on both your skin and hair. If you enjoy pulling your hair back into a ponytail, you've probably experienced the struggle of yanking out a few hair strands when removing your hair tie. Using a silk scrunchie will solve this issue. This substitute is not only fashionable but also guards against hair breakage. Frizz, bedhead, and tangles in your hair when you wake up can all be avoided using silk. Just picture how simple doing your hair in the morning will be. You can take advantage of the extra time to sleep for longer.

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Benefit 3: Increases Sleep Quality

According to a study, unlike other textiles like cotton, silk's physical attributes enable it to disperse and reflect light. Because of this, silk has a self-cooling effect that makes it feel wonderful against the skin. The temperature has a significant impact on how well you can sleep. Around 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sleep. Investing in a sleeping eye mask that keeps out light and keeps your eyes cool is another approach to enhance your sleep.

silk pillowcase

Benefit 4: Helps with Allergies

For starters, when compared to cotton and linen, silk has one of the lowest rates of moisture absorption. Normal cotton pillowcases are porous and absorb oils, grime, and moisture. The material of your pillowcase can have a significant impact on the health of your skin, despite dermatologist Dr. Amy Weschler's assertion that whatever is on your face will eventually end up on your pillow. Due to the built-in natural defenses against dust mites that silkworms weave into the fabric during production, silk is regarded as one of the most hypoallergenic materials.

There are various possibilities available, but it's crucial to avoid buying anything that claims to be silk but is actually comprised of synthetic materials. All of Moonlit's silk items are made entirely of premium mulberry silk. These silk items will improve your beauty sleep and, over time, improve the health of your skin.

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