July 03, 2018

You must have eaten mulberry, and you are going to buy silk is like Mulberry, you have to benefit from the photosynthesis of an important carrier: Mulberry leaves.

Mulberry Fruit from raw silk

Silkworm eat mulberry leaves, the final output of the cocoon quality determines the quality of a silk quilt value, at present, the silk in the market is basically made of fake silk, tussah silk, silkworm silk, and it is used for pure silk production raw material to Mulberry silk, and the quality of Mulberry silk is very good when it is a select double Palace cocoon with high-quality double Palace cocoon, because Mulberry silk has scraps, pupa lining cotton, macular cocoon and single Palace cocoon, so the distinction between 100% silk and 100% mulberry silk can be judged by the selection of raw material of silk quilt.Silk by hand drawing process

100% of the silk of the selection is a silk-doped tussah silk, so we can not say that such doping materials are fakes, from the point of view of the qualified product of more than 50% silk are called qualified products, the result you bought said how inside is not 100% silk, it is not a family's fault, so buy 100% Mulberry Silk products are the purpose of our purchase of silk, not labeled 100% silk products.Judging the quality of silk by color

The purchase of silk is as far as possible attention to note this piece, do not dare to mark the padding of the basic is False.

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