• Mulberry Silk vs Silk

    Mulberry Silk vs Silk

    There are so many different Silk products to choose from it can be quite confusing. So why is Mulberry Silk such a popular type of silk and why is it not the cheapest. In this post we explain some of the differences between Mulberry Silk and some of the other cheaper silks on the market.
  • Why We Should Sleep Under A Silk Comforter?

    Why We Should Sleep Under A Silk Comforter?

    Silk Comforters are making sleep a lot better. Your comforter or bedspread is one most important parts your bed, it helps to keep you warm, in many ways makes you feel safe, and I guess it's a kind of goes back to us. just to memories of our moms talking a tale at night. When we talk about comforters most people think of down...
  • Disadvantages of Silk Pillowcases

    Disadvantages of Silk Pillowcases

    What to consider when buying a silk pillowcase, also what's the biggest mistake people make when choosing a silk pillowcase. And this is important if you want to silk pillowcase to help your skin and hair or if you're buying it as a gift for someone. A silk pillowcase depending on the quality and how it's produced can be the most important skin care...
  • Why Seamed Silk Sheets are Superior?

    Why Seamed Silk Sheets are Superior?

    Let's talk silk sheets seamless or seamed? Silk delivers that mulberry weave is the best for betting and sleepwear, and even if you don't know the name you still know the silk.
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