• The best silk bedding of 2024

    The best silk bedding of 2024

    In a world where sleep is often compromised, THXSILK recognizes the significance of creating a serene environment for a restful night. With its unwavering dedication to delivering the finest silk bedding, it has established itself as a trusted brand, synonymous with excellence and innovation. Through extensive research and a meticulous selection process, THXSILK is presenting a collection of the best silk bedding of 2024....
  • The 7 Best Silk Bedding For Baby Hair

    The 7 Best Silk Bedding For Baby Hair

    100% mulberry silk is the answer to baby bald spot, bedhead and dry skin. Sleeping on silk reduces the friction that causes hair loss, tangles and breakage in babies. A newborn baby's skin is very soft. However, as a baby grows and explores the outside world with touch as it explores the world, it can become susceptible to common problems such as eczema, dryness and cradle...
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