• 10 best 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

    10 best 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

    The basic function of a pillowcase is actually to protect the pillow from dust or your grease buildup, thus extending the life of your pillow. On the flip side, the pillowcase actually protects your facial skin and hair. Buying the right pillowcase can be a very personal and important process for people who love beauty or have sensitive skin, because finding a pillowcase that...
  • The Best Silk Duvet Cover of 2024

    The Best Silk Duvet Cover of 2024

    Before the 21st century. Silk has always been the favorite bedding and clothing material of royalty. To this day, it remains an icon of luxurious living. While new age fabrics such as bamboo fiber bedding, linen bedding, and satin are also gaining popularity in the market, bedding made of silk is characterized by its naturalness, softness, resistance to breeding bacteria mites, and breathability, among other...
  • Are Silk Sheets Safe for Crib?

    Are Silk Sheets Safe for Crib?

    Welcome to the coziest slumberland! A baby's crib is the sanctuary of the sweetest dreams,  but choosing bedding is crucial in ensuring comfort and safety. Why is crib bedding important? The answer lies in creating a haven where your little one can sleep soundly, free from potential hazards. As parents, the responsibility of selecting the right crib sheets becomes paramount. In this quest for...
  • What Are The Cons Of Silk Sheets?

    What Are The Cons Of Silk Sheets?

    Many decades ago, silk sheets, silk products, and other accessories made out of silk were readily available to the rich and noble only. Today, high-quality silk is easily available to common people thanks to luxury silk brands like THXSILK that have made this opulence so easily accessible and affordable. It is true that silk offers a luxurious and comfortable sleep experience. Its soft, smooth...
  • The 13 Best Hair Silk Bonnets for Sleeping

    The 13 Best Hair Silk Bonnets for Sleeping

    Wearing a hat during the day may block the sun or style your hair. However, did you know that wearing a hat at night is beneficial for your hair? Hair care may include hair masks and oils, but you probably don't mind your hair when you sleep.The greatest silk bonnet should be worn while sleeping, according to beauty experts. They actually do more than...
  • Vegan silk sheets for sale

    Vegan silk sheets for sale

    We all know that nearly 30% of your life is spent sleeping, and that sleep determines your mood each day and your health performance over time. That's why it's very important to have good bedding to help you get into the right state of sleep. Silk bedding has always been considered very comfortable because silk is a very expensive fabric that contains proteins and...
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