Silk Pillowcase

Nourishes hair, no frizz, no static electricity, inhibits the breeding of mites, reduces wrinkles caused by friction and pulling, suitable for audiences with high health requirements

silk pillowcase with zipper

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silk envelope pillowcase

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silk pillow

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Silk Sheets

Ultra Soft, Double-sided wide silk fabric, Best Silk Sheets for your skin and hair, View Prices, Deals And Offers.

Silk Sheet Set

Silk Sheet Set can improve skin and hair hydration, prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and result in smoother, frizz-free hair every morning.

Silk Fitted Sheet Set
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Silk Flat Sheet Set
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Silk pajamas

100% mulberry silk, softly wraps every inch of the body's skin, with a unique silky experience

silk pajamas for women

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silk couple pajamas

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men's silk pajamas

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