Silk Panties

Reduce Friction: Silk fiber friction stimulus coefficient is rather low which is 7.4%.

Good hygroscopicity: 1.5 times of cotton fiber, it keeps skin in a comfortable moisturing point to avoid dry skin, while at the same time its super air permeability help to release sweat and heat to keep you cool.

 Skin-Friendly: Silk fiber can be long and very slim which can be weaved into low denisty, thin and smoothy item, which is super skin-friendly, just like no wear.

 Insulation: The porosity structure of silk fiber can focus massive air and then form a Insulation layers, which is the 3 times of cotton if at the same thickness.

Low Fir Point- Safe:  The fir point of silk fiber is between 300℃-460℃, which is relatively safe if there is an hazard.

 Precious: The worldwide textile fiber annual production is about then thousand tons 4000, while the silk is ONLY 9 ton, which is approximate 0.2% of gross textile fibers. Silk is very precious.

Healthy: The raw material is collected in a condition of fresh, clean, green. Maintain your body PH value.